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Username: Sublime-Sketches
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Registered: 8 Aug 2017, 6:25 pm

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Hello, welcome to my page!
I’m pretty inactive atm because of personal things.
Thanks for being awesome everyone!


Keep your eyes peeled for my raffle! It's gonna have a buncha items n currency I won't use while passively playing and being involved in forums <3

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    • yo thank you sm for the purchase!!

    • Hi! Can you accept your end of the trade? Thanks!.

    • Thank you so much! I'm not too sure if I said thank you in my post ( Brain's running on low ), but just wanted to round again and say so ^^

    • *gasp* You are another Well Loved Plush collector!! I don't suppose you have an extra Skunk plush anywhere, do you? I'm only missing that one... If not, that's fine of course! Just happy to see another collector. Also, do you know of any plushes that look similar to the Well Loved plushes? I'll have another 3 spots in my gallery to fill after I get the Skunk plush, and I hate not having things be even.

    • Sublime-Sketches ohh valid!! thats 100% ok!! i just assumed it got lost in your norifs again haha,, good luck with shcool!! <3

    • heyo!! have you seen my post on my forum yet? i finished your art and im waiting for you to accept the trade :00

    • boop

    • thank you! and i'm so glad there's other gilligan fans!!! i thought i was the only one lol ;w;

    • Thanks! I bought the adoptable from @/Goomie, and they did a wonderful job on the paintie. Very happy with it.

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