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Username: Sublime-Sketches
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Registered: 8 Aug 2017, 6:25 pm

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Hello, welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy your stay. Uhh, nothing much to know about me except I really like cryptids and spooky stories! I'm usually a very offensive person offline, but online I really just want to be nice and have a good time <3 (Also my favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

((Not really a furry, but these character designs are adorable and Furvilla has a warm community and is a good way to pass time!))

~Wishlist ~


Big thanks to these people <3

~ Pets Wishlist ~




- Obtained -
Solar Space Lobster from Imoku
Ethereal Space Lobster from Lilytora
White Rose Aardwolf and Rosy Seedling from Dubstep
Horned Bun from Aibrean
Clover Kid Pygmy Goat from Paulie


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    • *sees your team in your sig* My favorite Pokemon of all time is Reshiram and my second favorite is Lugia :D

    • OMG are you sure!?? Q_Q you're such a sweetheart aAAAA ♡♡♡

    • thank you!

    • You're so kind! Would you like a Leodon potion? I have many to hand out~

    • Holy cow thank you so much for the FD!!! <3

    • Oh snap I may have a feast fairy if you want it?

    • I would love to see a picture of her. I adore goats!

    • I love that your aunt has a goat named Sassy, that is such a cute name~ <3

    • Under rated song 10/10

    • Eeeeeee, I'm so glad I was able to brighten your day, as well!! ;w; That makes me even happier! <333
      It was really super sweet of you, and I can't tell you just how much it meant to me to receive such a nice gift!! :'D Thank you so much again, and I really hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!! <3333

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