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User ID: #185402
Username: _Vinc_
Gender: Trans FtM
Registered: 19 Jun 2020, 7:28 am

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CSS by TropicalDeer

25 Jan 2021 I change my username. Used to be Silver58

Goat || 15 ||Trans FtM || he/them || Swedish || 7+ FV time

furcoins.gif furdollars.gif
3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p 5221-magic-primordial-shifty-plush.png 4839-magic-primordial-shifty-sticker.png 4843-primordial-shifty-sticker-pack.png
3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png 5219-magic-galactic-shifty-plush.png 4835-magic-galactic-shifty-sticker.png 4842-galactic-shifty-sticker-pack.png
708-shifty-morphing-potion.png 1021-magic-midnight-shifty-plush.png 4837-magic-midnight-shifty-sticker.png 4841-midnight-shifty-sticker-pack.png
641-paintie-ticket.png 3553-fancy-plant-drink.png 1723-worker-slot-totem.png 573-breeding-potion.png 275-coral-slab.png 4-oceandome-house.png 3-herbalist-pot.png
6296-aspen-lunchbox.png 6299-clawtooth-and-ismene-lunchbox.png 6295-mayor-ana-lunchbox.png 6298-mayor-chester-lunchbox.png 6301-mayor-minstrel-lunchbox.png 6302-mayor-octavia-lunchbox.png 6304-mayor-polara-lunchbox.png 6759-miss-isadore-lunchbox.png 6305-quinn-lunchbox.png 6306-regi-lunchbox.png 6794-serpents-lunchbox.png 6303-the-oracle-lunchbox.png 6300-the-royal-fox-lunchbox.png 6307-the-traveler-lunchbox.png 6297-xaender-van-buckles-lunchbox.png

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    • Hey! Could you accept the trade? (Sorry if this comes off as rude ^^")

    • Your icon ^^

    • Thank you for drawing Grape Fizz. They look adorable!

    • Nope! :D You can just have 'em :) I'll gift them to you right now!

    • @-_Mercvurry_-Cvrry-_ and I've got an artisan's pride box AND a what's cooking box.

    • Hey! I have something from your wishlist, I've got a canine morph potion! You can have it if you'd like!

    • Unfortunately I've been stuck at my mothers for the past week or so and have been unable to work on commissions. I'll let you know when I start though.

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