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Username: Lu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:17 pm

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55A6Nrp.png 8vvXEm9.png yU9pFAl.png 1isIobe.png

August 28: A lil house drama has been happening so I'm going to be extra sporadic for the next two or three days!

Hey I have really bad memory loss mixed with being easily exhausted with interaction, so feel free to ping me multiple times or message me repeatedly if I need to do something for you!

Hey there! I'm Lu from Canada! My skills include not sleeping, crying over fictional characters, and walking into easily avoided obstacles. I also forget about literally everything (oops).

Just a note - with my autism I sometimes word things bluntly or rudely, I really don't mean to! Please let me know if I say something that you feel is rude or offensive so I can apologize and fix it!

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    • Hey so i was wondering how you made a profile css like this? like its transparent and the image doesnt move in the background?

    • Hello. How did you change the color of the dropdown menu?

    • I love your page ♥
      the post comment button is broken though ;-;"

    • thank u very much

    • Hello! Thanks for your interest. The vistas will be free overall, so you don't need to worry about currency. That being said, due to them being free and me not really working on a set schedule for things, I'm afraid that slots are not first come/first serve. You're more than welcome to fill out the form and place it in the thread, or pm me, and I`ll see what I can do however!

    • Hello! I saw you have a lot of non-magical plush in your shop. I've bought a few but I'm actually interested in buying most of them (everything not in my toybox). Would you be willing to set up a trade with me and negociate a bulk price, maybe? I can PM you a list of all the ones I still need from your shop c:

    • Ah, you walk into obstacles and cry over fictional characters too? thought I was the only one with "Cry-over-Fict-and-walk-into-walls" syndrome, glad to know I'm not alone :)

    • Thanks for the job :)

    • It's no problem! Crashes happen. May you have better luck in future!

    • Thanks for letting me know. :)

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