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Username: Creep
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 1:57 pm

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sake | 29
please engage accordingly

Perpetually sleepy.

Willing to discuss an exchange of art & stall items for goods. Generally just here for me to keep easy tabs of. Please don't randomly send things. ❤

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    • NP :'O
      I'll send you a DM in just a sec!

    • anyone'll do! but i'd love it if you did ethan!! <33, dont apologize, though! the thread sometimes gets a bit messy and people get confused!

    • oooooh thank you for drawing Glyph!! you make him look amazing shfjks <33

    • aaa, tnxx alot<3
      it means so much ta'me, ya got no idea haha ~
      you do as well!<3 tnxx again 'n have an amazin' day

    • your art of essi is soo amazin'!!
      Tnxx so very much fo'drawin' him<3 he looks really great in ya'style<33

    • Thanks SO MUCH for the tip! What you gave me was actually 3 times of how much I had before :0

    • so i might have stopped breathing when i saw it -- It's beautiful. Both are beautiful honestly! Thank you so much! I love it so so so much! I love it ♥ Thank you so much. Both this and previous - they are great. ♥

    • If you say it would be easy, then I would love it. Of course, I will keep both versions ♥ I'm just really curious how it would look in those brighter colors.

    • Yoo, thank you for that sketch! I wasn't sure where to write it so I decided on here;; But let me start, slowly, so I won't write AAAA only... Thank you. It's really pretty! I think the colors are good, it looks as if it was an in-game image. Originally I did his hair bluish (screenshot at the very end of his gallery) and his skin is really bright but because of the game's shading they always go more greenish and darker and I think - you did a great job at capturing that actually! I lovei t! AA sorry for writing so much! I'm just amazed how in-game it feels. Although I forgot his name, this boy is really precious to me. Thank you so much ♥ Would it be okay if I added your art to his gallery~?

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