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User ID: #7924
Username: Ammoth
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:45 pm

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About - Lore

This is a place about fair folk, snow monsters, magical artifacts, and the people in between who are just trying to survive. There's blessings, there's curses, there's paths you should never, ever walk at night. There are people who look normal until the light hits them just right, and there's things that never looked normal at all but treat you with such kindness that you have to wonder, sometimes, who the real monster of this story is.

Tread carefully.

Finished Villagers:
Ash, Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Cereus, Cypress, Eiche, Fir, Garden, Heuchera, Juniper, Kelp, Maple, Rowan, Sequoia, Sibirica, Spruce, Ubame.

Ongoing Villagers:
Anyone named "Wanderer".

The Moth.

Art blog - Toyhouse
Paintie Shoppe

[I'm on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time (possibly forever). Not feeling FV recently. You can catch me on discord as ammoth#8435 or per email at ammoth(at)posteo.net if you need me.]

A fuzzy legged, fluffy being with antennae and a pencil. Does art, occasionally writes poetry and slaps it onto villager profiles, and pretends to know what it's doing. So far it seems to be working okay!

My villagers all live inside my interpretation of TEP, which is pretty much a snowy mountain village but with more fairy-folk and curses. Some of them have descriptions in their profiles but most of them just have snippets of stories or poems. Please don't be afraid to ask about them if you want to know more, I always enjoy babbling about my characters ;)

Misc Info

I don't accept random friend requests. If you send me a request, message me about it because if I don't recognize your username I'm turning you down.

I'm high-key trying to fill my plush collection with all the non-magical plush. If you have non-magical version of rare plush, I might be interested in buying them or trading art for them!

CSS by noll .
Image source: unsplash

Villagers 20

Comments 40

    • may i ask about your vista? i absolutely love moths ;v;;

    • I love your painties omg!

    • Why was this person I just wanna talk


    • WHEEZE

    • Holy sweet potato, I adore your forum vista so much!! ;o;

    • That sounds just fine! I'll pm you shortly with the ones I have that you're missing (as I have a few in my inventory as well)

      I did that with my last bg, just grab a pretty picture and then work with the colours after pfff
      I do need to update my CSS cause it's a hot mess atm
      Noll's css work is amazing tho, I have been thinking about commissioning them l3c

    • Ah I fluffed up and forgot to tell you the paintie price sdfgh!
      The price for design painties is 2000 FD (really sorry about that) but you can hold onto the extra 500 until I'm done if you want!
      (also your css is awesome holy complimentary colours batman!)

    • Your painties are awesome! I'd love to commission you sometime!

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