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User ID: #70844
Username: TGerror
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 6 Aug 2022, 9:32 am
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 2:05 pm

Villagers 19

Comments 6

    • your welcome have a wonderful afternoon!

    • Hello!
      You had commented while I was on a LONG hiatus
      Yeah, it was easier than trying to undercut you but I see the market for medicinals has tanked heavily so... Gotta find a new market I guess.

    • Thank you so much for the candy!

    • not on the phone, but on a Debian system that apparently does not have ancient anglo-frisian installed by default xD Thank you!

    • LOL frozen chicken indeed.
      Also, what character set are your villager names written in? I only see errors xD Looks like I have some character sets to download.

    • No problem :)
      It's nice to give gifts to people.

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