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User ID: #3828
Username: Lu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:17 pm

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55A6Nrp.png 8vvXEm9.png yU9pFAl.png 1isIobe.png

August 28: A lil house drama has been happening so I'm going to be extra sporadic for the next two or three days!

Hey I have really bad memory loss mixed with being easily exhausted with interaction, so feel free to ping me multiple times or message me repeatedly if I need to do something for you!

Hey there! I'm Lu from Canada! My skills include not sleeping, crying over fictional characters, and walking into easily avoided obstacles. I also forget about literally everything (oops).

Just a note - with my autism I sometimes word things bluntly or rudely, I really don't mean to! Please let me know if I say something that you feel is rude or offensive so I can apologize and fix it!

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    • heya new fren! I like your CSS and your amazingly true-to-life bio. :P

    • I have Astrid at the moment. What an interesting idea! I was so surprised to find him, and I'll send him off in a couple days. I've had a lot of fun with him already ^_^

    • I have obtained the travel snail. A traveling paintie is a really cute idea I just hope no one steals them along the way.

    • omg halloween costumes i love it.! also nice profile c:

    • I see you're dressing up your villagers for Halloween! THAT'S SO COOL!

    • Wow. I didn't know my own did that as well! :,D

    • I love the shaky effect on your villager tabs <3

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