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Username: Ricey
Gender: Female
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:17 am

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T R A S H C A N C H A NuCk0r8N.gif

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Im Ricey, I'm 26. I like anime/manga, videogames, and books
ask me about them sometime?

Reading: It Devours!.
Listening: The Adventure Zone
Watching: Osomatsu-san season 2
Playing: trying to learn overwatch but too nervous to play online with people i need someone to teach me ; n;
Music mood: Wait a minute! Willow Smith
steam: audinobutt * Gaiaonline: audinobutt * tumblr: blog

i just want to be loved...

Roxy_Husky is my sister i love her so much help her out she's new <3

Croak is my best friend I loves hims a lot plz snuggle him 5ever he deserves every love.

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    • Thanks for the pumpkins halloween anon

    • I like your username too, its looks very cute tbh <3 and yeah i agree lmao, mainly the mogeko dinner part;;;, though i like wadagbs more story-wise (i love plot twists no matter how disturbing they might be rip )
      it's nice to meet people here who know the game too :0

    • Imoku
      I actually don't know I mean there's some to of places go that are clean but I don't know piercer people xD

    • aaaayy lmao that's what I'm here for ;3
      should help with those too~ you got a good piercer where you are?

    • OH my gosh I never heard about that I do get stress tension headaches I also get them when I cry so if I can get releif I'm getting it definitely dude I love talking to you I fucking learn so much lmao Imoku

    • Yep! The area is said to be an acupuncture point, and whether or not I or my clients believe in that stuff, it seems to have been a massive help to most of the people I've done it for. :3 I don't sell it as a migraine remedy ofc, but 90% of the people that come in for the daith piercing want it for that very reason. And whenever they come back they always say it has either stopped their migraines altogether or drastically reduced them, and in 3 years I haven't had anyone say it has changed nothing, which is good! ^_^ It's nice to hear that something I can do would give them such relief.

    • Imoku
      Wow how does it help with migraines? Just the location in general? I have a question about the vch I'm going to message you

    • aaah ... an "intimate" female piercing ;w; it's actually really pretty! and growing in popularity where i am. :3 i might go for one myself, but ... nng it scares me a little >w<;
      between my tragus and daith, I think I'd say my daith was a little more painful, but still p similar since they're both cartilage. but daith can be very beneficial for migraines if done in the right way, so i guess worth it in the long run :3

    • Imoku
      A VCH? What's that? I'm still debating on doing my Tragus and daith

    • aa good. :3 it's going well! today is my day off but I did three noses, a vch and a tragus yesterday so things are picking up with the warmer weather. ^_^

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