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User ID: #8959
Username: Imoku
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:33 pm


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2585685_XSSguFTvncG3Pzy.gif imoku tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png maned wolf tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png demigirl tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png 26 tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png infp tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png uk

Hallo and welcome to my lil corner of DMM!

I'm currently writing lore for my subvillage, Ghastfen Grove, which will be here at some point ... for now, I guess you're here because you want to know about me? ʕᵒᴥᵒ;ʔ

I'm a professional body piercer living in the UK with my adorable pets and wonderful boyf. My pronouns are she/her or they/them. Please talk to me about Japan, animals, art, gaming, horror, tattoos and piercings. I like to think that I'm approachable so feel free to shoot me a message or friend request anytime! ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔノ ♡

Minipet wishlist:
Massive thanks to Darling , steeldino , Enoch , Dubstep , Lance-C-Bones , Hamichu , Nyxie ,
Kokiwawa , Jackwolf5775 and anon for their wonderful gifts! I'm eternally grateful! ;; ♡

Content warnings for the following villager pages:
Sarahbeth (blood), Lucius & Despair (small amounts of blood), Robyn & Freckles (candy gore, syringes), Morrigan (impalement, intestines), Hauyne (crystal growths), Kinta (intestines, cannibalism).

Big Pixel: pedroinboxfort Plush: Sadrain Jars: Sukie CSS: alxq

deviantArt / toyhou.se / premade painties


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Comments 784

    • Sorry for not being around lovely!
      You are on my mind and hope to chat properly with you again soon <3

    • I don't have a spare one but I can still trade with you <3 ( I'm not really collecting keepsake and outfits XD)
      Can I trade for a badger paw hammer? If so, feel free to send a trade^ ^

    • Oh sorry! It was probably me as my inventory is filling to the brim quite frequently. I now have free spaces so it should work now!

    • I thought you'd trade your Galaxy Phoenix for my Lucky Awoo, sorry about that ^^;

    • Yo, i remember you @ ing me in the "post your current thought" when i talked about my boyfriend joking about proposing during truth or dare and i thought I'd drop by to let you know it finally happened tonight. Idk if you wanted to know or not but i thought you may want an update ^^

    • Make a list! I will check back to it and if I find/get some of the items I can send them to you <3 I am already on the hunt for the other items you have shown hehe

      I love lists * ^ *

      I may go away for a bit but I always come back! I do miss you when I am gone naw.. will stay just for you ~ c:

    • Heh, my seed hunting days are almost over! I havemade a lot of progress the last few days with my seed hunting ^^ It's the only real goal I have on Furvilla besides profile domination (which is my next task) >:D

      *tight hug* <3333 Are you looking for anything at the moment besides wishlist things? I may be able to help out but if not, it's been lovely getting to chat with you either way ~
      Thanks for taking the time for me ^^ <3

    • You are very, very welcome!
      I thought they would have a lovely home with you hehe

      I've been meaning to message-
      I have been online the last 2 weeks or so actively :D

      I am hoping to release some profile shiz soon..
      but life keeps getting in the way quq

      Glad to see you're still wonderful ♡
      I adore you ~ c:

    • Oh thanks so much X'D I got it off a post a friend of mine made on fb lmao!


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