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Username: Imoku
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:33 pm


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2585685_XSSguFTvncG3Pzy.gif imoku tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png maned wolf tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png female tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png 26 tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png infp tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png uk

I'm already excited for Halloween hhh

Welcome! I'm currently writing lore for my subvillage, Ghastfen Grove, which will be here at some point ... for now, I guess you're here because you want to know about me? ʕᵒᴥᵒ;ʔ

I'm a professional body piercer living in the UK with my adorable pets and wonderful boyf. Trying hard to also be a great tattoo artist someday! ʕ •̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨ My pronouns are she/her or they/them. Please talk to me about Japan, animals, art, gaming, horror, tattoos and piercings. I like to think that I'm approachable so feel free to shoot me a message or friend request anytime! ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔノ ♡

Minipet wishlist:
Massive thanks to steeldino , Enoch , Dubstep , Lance-C-Bones , Hamichu , Nyxie ,
Kokiwawa , Jackwolf5775 and anon for their wonderful gifts! I'm eternally grateful! ;; ♡

Content warnings for the following villager pages:
Sarahbeth (blood), Lucius, Despair & Patty (small amounts of blood), Robyn & Freckles (candy gore, syringes), Morrigan (impalement, intestines), Hauyne (crystal growths), Kinta (intestines, cannibalism), ꙮ (multiple eyes).

Halloween YCH: pedroinboxfort Plush: Sadrain Jars: Sukie CSS: alxq

deviantArt / toyhou.se / premade painties


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    • I dooo! I have a crappy feather on my inner hip, and then a beautiful traditional cardinal/sparrow mix on my shoulder. OvO

    • Thank you <3333 It's super funny XD !!!

    • Awww you're so sweet <3 Thank you so much !!!

    • Wait dude, do you have tattoos? OvO!!!

    • Thank you <3

    • *Glomps*

    • *le gasp* I have been blessed with knowledge. Thank ya kindly. uwu

    • Sorry about that I must have miscounted when I did it on mobile. Sent the rest in transfers

    • UndeadCerapter Thankyou! ;w; you just buy this recipe from here (recycle unwanted items from your inventory to get furgems), teach it to an alchemist villager and make it using the ingredients listed. As for the buttons, I added them to my gallery here!

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