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Username: Imoku
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:33 pm

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2585685_XSSguFTvncG3Pzy.gif imoku tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png maned wolf tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png demigirl tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png 30 tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png infp tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png uk

Hallo and welcome to Ghastfen Grove, my lil corner of DMM! I guess you're here because you want to know about me? ʕᵒᴥᵒ;ʔ

I'm a tattoo artist and body piercer living in the UK with my adorable pets and wonderful boyf. My pronouns are she/her. Please talk to me about Japan, animals, art, gaming, horror, tattoos and piercings. I like to think that I'm approachable so feel free to shoot me a message or friend request anytime! ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔノ ♡

Minipet wishlist:
5544-fairy-light-velvet-worm.png2743-soul-eater-worgon.png3703-well-loved-teddy-bear.png4857-wild-rodendrake.png 2110-teal-mantis.png
Massive thanks to Darling , steeldino , Enoch , Prince_Reshiram , @lance-c-bones, Hamichu , Nyxie , Satin
atilla , Crisucchi , Jackwolf5775 and anon fairies for their wonderful gifts! I'm eternally grateful! ;; ♡

Content warnings for the following villager pages:
Sarahbeth (blood), Lucius & Despair (small amounts of blood), Robyn & Freckles (candy gore, syringes), Morrigan (impalement, intestines).

Big Pixel: pedroinboxfort Plush: Sadrain Jars: Sukie CSS: alxq

toyhou.se (my babs!!)


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    • Is today your birthday? If it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was going to give you some fd but thats what you gave me so do you want to pick a character from my sale toyhouse? Its totally fine if you dont want any! https://toyhou.se/atilla-sales/characters

    • AHHH thank you so much for the present friendo!!! <3 ILY!!!!! <333

    • Trade sent, thanks so much luv! Again, so sorry about the wait!

    • Hey there! I sent mantis over late yesterday and forgot to tell you and accept the transfer so! (OwO)b Enjoy and thank you!

    • Sorry for the slow response luv! My computer went down on the first and I do not have a reliable way to check up on things till further notice, but wanted to let you know I presently don’t have the FD. I have kaboodles of fc if you need it, but otherwise thank you for getting back to me! I had honestly forgotten!

    • You are quite welcome luv, thank you!

    • Ahh, she's so cute. ;o; I hope this wee doodle does her justice! A cutie!

    • Oh gosh, thank you luv! I would totally buy them from you though! Is there anything you would like in return? <3

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