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Username: Puck
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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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Hey luvs!

Just a heads up: I will be stepping away from my social medias, and commission work for a much needed break for the duration of June-July! But I will be returning in August, refreshed, recharged, and ready to make some metaphorical (and physical) flower crowns!

I hope everyone has a safe, and cozy Pride month!

Stay safe, stay kind!
- Honeypuckle


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    • Of course! Glad you enjoy!

    • Your friendship with Bananapop and Cruisucchi is so heartwarming I love it <3

    • thank you!

    • Ahh! I sent a lil donation accidentally titled for April but it's actually for the YCH Raffle Pool this month! Sorry about that! QAQ

    • Hello! Just wondering if I did the survey for the daily raffle? I recall doing it but at the same time I keep forgetting whether I actually did it or not..

    • thank you for buying from my stall!

    • Your forum signature reminds me of this old remix of San Francisco. Why this remix instead of the original song? Who knows. lol

    • Oh, you didn't need to add FD! I just messed up and din't get them in the same trade because I'm on my phone. Thank you so much for trading!

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