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User ID: #2184
Username: Puck
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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Villager Goals

  • Amoo - Cow/Deer (Brand Sona)
  • Puck - Raccoon/Skunk (Personal Sona)
  • Milly - Stegosaurid (Dino Sona)
  • Lasika - Prehistoric Shapeshifter (Sentient Tarpit/Old World God Remnant)
  • Marjorie - Juliana Pig (Barista Seer)
  • Esti - Wild Boar (Hearth Witch)
  • Colby Black And Tan Rabbit (Changeling)
  • Hesper - Honduran White Bat (Starcatcher)
  • Juniper - Harlequin Hare (Jackalope)
  • Soy - Wolverine/Pygmy Rabbit (Holistic Gardener)
  • Simon - Sheep (Fallen Angel, Peon, Twin)
  • Salem - Sheep (Fallen Angel, Peon, Twin)
  • Bunty - Miniature Goat (Pine Berry Dryad)
  • Fawn - Deer/Unicorn (Grove Guardian)
  • Briar - Sweetbriar Dryad/Kitsune
  • Thistle - Thistle Dryad/Kitsune
  • Hawthorn - Hawthorn Dryad/Kitsune
  • Bramble - Cloudberry Dryad/Kitsune
  • Blaire - Hooded Skunk (Faefolk)
  • Haruko - Cottontail Rabbit (Sprite of Spring)
  • Natsuko - Cougar (Sprite of Summer)
  • Akiko - Red Squirrel (Sprite of Autumn)
  • Fuyuko - Lynx (Sprite of Winter)
  • Luther - Unicorn (Demonic Construct)
  • Florence - Friesian Horse (Vampire)
  • Aleksander - Eurasian Wolf (Ancient Vampire/Werewolf)
  • Yarik - Panther (Ancient Vampire)
  • Lola - Nephila Spider (Vampire Lich)
  • Eden - White Phoenix (The Fallen, Pestilence)
  • Cody - Golden Retriever (Seraphim Construct)
  • Amaris - Donkey (Angelic)
  • Bumblebee - Highland Cow (Gift of The Gods)
  • Spice - Hellhound
  • Teodor - Horned Owl/Snowflake Obsidian (Demi-God)
  • Evan - Husky (Wishing Star)
  • Oliver - Silver Fox (One Is Silver, The Other Gold)
  • Yivian - Red Panda (Fallen Star)
  • Ovri - Leopard Seal (Fallen Star)
  • Chastity - Pudu Deer (Young Vampire)
  • Mabel - Field Mouse (Telekinetic)
  • Romeo - Raccoon (Time Keeper)
  • Pearl - Lesser Unicorn (Pony Variant)
  • Lulu - Lop Rabbit (Shapeshifter)
  • Paprika - Opossum (Paprika Dryad)
  • Pepper - Poodle (Hellhound Mixbreed)
  • Ichigo - Tiger (Strawberry Manifestation)
  • Kurimu - Tiger (Cream Manifestation)
  • Darius - Hellhound (Retired Summon)
  • Robin - Manticore (Active Summon)
  • Zale - Sea Serpent (Oceanic Guardian, Thralled)
  • Rory - Red Wolf (Werewolf)
  • Georgia - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail (Maneki)
  • Storm - Turkish Angora (Nekomata)
  • Vivian - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail/Turkish Angora Cat (Maneki/Nekomata)
  • Alice - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail/Turkish Angora Cat (Maneki/Nekomata)
  • Indigo - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail/Turkish Angora Cat (Maneki/Nekomata)
    Chenoa - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail/Turkish Angora Cat (Maneki/Nekomata)
    Momo - Japanese Munchkin Bobtail/Turkish Angora Cat (Maneki/Nekomata)
  • Libi - Miniature Donkey/Rosy Maple Moth (Fledgling Vampire)
  • To Be Continued


..∘∘.. Adult ..∘∘.. She/They ..∘∘.. Bambi Sapphic ..∘∘.. Moo ..∘∘..

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My name is Honeypuckle (Puck for short!), and I am just a flower riddled moo partaking in the adventure we call life!

In rl, I work a pretty demanding job, so I can be a little slow to respond at times- please don't take it to heart! I promise that when I can, I do, always! tumblr_inline_p7gi2iG3un1qfc9y0_75sq.gif

I spend most of my time doodling, writing, world building, reading, roleplaying, gardening, painting, watching far too much Futurama, sculpting, dabbling in paleontology, sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, playing vidja games, and I love to both cook, and bake!

I am a generally pretty quiet lass, but I am always happy to chat- particularly about the whimsical, and timeless passtime of creating! I love nothing better than to make stories with others, world build, and put love and heart into the characters that these acts of love create.

My spoons are often limited, but while they are few, they are the sort of spoons I like to think you will dig out of the bottom of the sink to wash, and use, even when there are so many other spoons to be found elsewhere. tumblr_inline_p7gi2iG3un1qfc9y0_75sq.gif

Adore: cows, coffee, bees, baking, lavender, honey, dinosaurs, prehistoric life, bones, pink, books, Kiki's Delivery Service, mammoths, lady grey/earl grey teas, stickers, apricots, flowers, dogs, violets, butterscotch, Bambi, tattoos, cinnamon candy, Futurama, amaretto, deer, puchaos, pigs, candles, kettle corn, warmth, furries, pastels, rocks, dianthus, custard, Ouran Highschool Host Club, cheese, cottagecore, rabbits, mushrooms, pie, when my heart is full, cats, raccoons, pears, unicorns, Stardew Valley, friendship bracelet, pomegranates, sapphic things, Carebears, strawberry shortcake, calligraphy, peppermint, biblically correct angelics, fantasy, gummy candy, plushies, happy mail, tortoises, bergamot, honeysuckle, cryptids, sweet wines, peanut butter, laughter, springtime, Ghibli, chickens, and much, much more!

Watches: Futurama, Bambi, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Gravity Falls, What We Do In The Shadows, River Monsters, Bob's Burgers, Trigun (98, 23), Our Flag Means Death, Prehistoric Planet, Ghibli (favorites being Kiki's Delivery Service, Whispers Of The Heart, Ice Age, Nausicaa, and Princess Mononoke), Somali And The Forest Spirit, The Land Before Time, and countless nature, food, and prehistoric life documentaries!

Stay safe, stay kind!
- Honeypuckle tumblr_inline_p7gi2iG3un1qfc9y0_75sq.gif


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    • thank you sm <3

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    • Of course! Glad you enjoy!

    • Your friendship with Bananapop and Cruisucchi is so heartwarming I love it <3

    • thank you!

    • Ahh! I sent a lil donation accidentally titled for April but it's actually for the YCH Raffle Pool this month! Sorry about that! QAQ

    • Hello! Just wondering if I did the survey for the daily raffle? I recall doing it but at the same time I keep forgetting whether I actually did it or not..

    • thank you for buying from my stall!

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