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Username: Puck
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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..∘∘.. 31 ..∘∘.. She/Her ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. Moo ..∘∘..

wear a crown of flowers, let it's roots reach your heart.

..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..


Bananapop , Crisucchi , and I, Puck , have switched sonas for the duration of February! This swap is a celebration of our friendship, meant to allow us to focus a whole month on making/gathering art, and other such things for each other's sonas!!

As such, we will spend February living through the sona we swapped as part of celebrating them- our icons, villagers, toyhouse sona profiles, discords, and more will be effected by such- but don't be alarmed! I am still Puck, and they are still Crisu, and Banan!

..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..

Today's Vibe: Love After Life by WILD

..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..

I'm Puck! I am a flower-loving bambi lesbian, competitive barista, aspiring paleontologist, furry artist, and I never get enough sleep.

I spend most of my time doodling, napping, gardening, baking, talking to chickens, roleplaying, painting, sculpting, reading, playing vidja games, chasing my dog around, hunting for wine and snacks, knitting, world building, writing, and designing way too many characters. Send help!

My heart is full of moo cows, botantical art, honeysuckle, monsters, tortoises, pink, dianthus, amaretto, satyrs/fauns, donkeys, D&D, peonies, coffee, honey, animal crossing, bunnies, cryptids, matcha, prehistoric life, doves/pigeons, pastels, fruit gummies, fantasy, books, sunflowers, mushrooms, cranberry redbull, all things cute, gold, vidja games, unicorns, cinnamon, flowers, Studio Ghibli, herbs, almond, miniatures, coloring books, lattes, piggies & boars, hoodies, blankets, wild roses, sharks, tentacles, notebooks, clove, cottagecore, kitties, shelties, hazelnut, wildflowers, mountains, adventure, stationary, plushies, mythology, dinoSAURS, prehistoric life in general, lavender, deer, shortbread, puppies, custard, peanut butter, plants, chickens, goats, fossils, milk tea, bees, bones, forget-me-nots, red pears, alpacas, and lots of other stuff, and things!

I watch things! Mainly Kiki's Delivery Service, YOI, B99, Aggretsuko, Futurama, Constantine, Angry Beavers, HTTYD, Mandolorian, Gravity Falls, Pacific Rim, Disenchantment, Bambi, Whisper Of The Heart, Bob's Burgers, Nausicaa, Emperor's New Groove, One Punch Man, FMA, Treasure Planet, ATLA, anything Deadpool, Ghibli films in general, Castlevania, The Great British Bakeoff, A Quiet Place, Korra, LOTR, and a whole heckie of a lot of documentaries that revolve around prehistoric life, and/or nature!

I am a fur among other things momma to a three year old sheltie/pomeranian pupper named Milo, a very sassy year old rex/lionhead rabbit named Juniper, a seven month old sulcata tortoise named Bramble, and three kitties: Sharknado (chubby domestic shorthair grey tabby boy), Gremlin (tiny goblin-shaped domestic shorthair bicolor brown tabby girl), and Piksy (mischievous forest nymph domestic longhair diluted tortoiseshell gal)! I also have fifteen chickens, AKA as my flock of flowery fowl, whom I love very, very much! They are named Dandelion (white silkie mixbreed), Orchid (black silkie mixbreed), Viola (olive egger/silkie mixbreed), Carnation (barred rock), Magnolia (white silkie mixbreed), Hellebore (copper maran), Lily (buff orpington), Tulip (buff orpington), Black Eyed Susan (Susie) (easter egger), Hawthorne (welsummer), Dahlia (gold laced polish), Morning Glory (blue plymouth), Jasmine (white leghorn), Cosmos (some sort of white mixbreed with black spots whom I love very much), and Sweetpea (easter egger/silver polish mixbreed)!

painfully (like.. stupidly so) shy, but would really love to make some friends within the furry community, particularly folks who share my love for roleplay, and world building!

..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..


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..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..


..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘.. ..∘∘..

graphics by Crisucchi , css by the lovely noll

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    • np ^u^

    • Of course! Glad you enjoy!

    • Your friendship with Bananapop and Cruisucchi is so heartwarming I love it <3

    • thank you!

    • Ahh! I sent a lil donation accidentally titled for April but it's actually for the YCH Raffle Pool this month! Sorry about that! QAQ

    • Hello! Just wondering if I did the survey for the daily raffle? I recall doing it but at the same time I keep forgetting whether I actually did it or not..

    • thank you for buying from my stall!

    • Your forum signature reminds me of this old remix of San Francisco. Why this remix instead of the original song? Who knows. lol

    • Oh, you didn't need to add FD! I just messed up and din't get them in the same trade because I'm on my phone. Thank you so much for trading!

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