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Username: StrayChowChow
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:31 pm

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~ Iron ~ Bronze ~ Silver ~ Gold ~ Diamond ~
Chow Pup Master

Please be patient with me! I'm chronically ill/disabled and some days are worse than others.


Oops I have a Toyhou.se now

I maintain the Self-Upload Custom Paintie Base Collection! Please upload your free-to-use custom paintie bases and expand our gallery!

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    • Absolutely! Go ahead and send me a DM with what you'd be interested in! I want aaaallll the steel you are willing to part with. I am on the long road of Weapon Crystals, and my own supply finally is running dry.

    • Got about 28k+ after doing a scrap sweep of my inventory~

    • Puck I would go absolutely bonkers for art jikljkawdada

      I also have some scrappable stuff in my inventory that I haven't gotten around to that I can scrap and forward them steelz to you!

      Let me know if you prefer working things out on FV or if I can shoot you a DM on Discord!

    • Psst, Stray, I want to buy all of your Rusted Steel. I realize you have. A lot in your stall. Would you want pure fc, or be perhaps interested in art? I can do either!

    • Thanks for the discounted magic galactic shifty sticker !

    • Thank you so much!

    • Necroam I never plan on growing them and they have been sitting in my inventory for ages, might as well have them go to use :D

    • WHY
      Ah didn't think I'd be tearing up today

    • so I hope at all the steel are helping you out alot ^_^

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