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Username: StrayChowChow
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:31 pm

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~ Bronze ~ Silver ~ Gold ~ Diamond ~
Chow Pup Master

If you see anything in my stall you'd like to trade for the other currency or possibly art (I can be a bit picky!), feel free to send me a PM!

Please be patient with me! I'm chronically ill/disabled and some days are worse than others.



I maintain the Self-Upload Custom Paintie Base Collection! Please upload your free-to-use custom paintie bases and expand our gallery!

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    • Puck The drop rates on the puppy pods seem to be awful in both bgs D:! But I had some from previous spirit lions farming <3

    • Aaaah, omh thank you luv! ;o; I have been battling since the event begun and I have found.. TWO Puppy Poppy Pods omg!

    • Thank you again! ;_; <3

    • msjanny I just have to thank you so much for not progressing the trade because I would've been so mad at myself, especially with the drop rate reduced ;w; I honestly didn't expect mass scrapping to come with the serpent's pot update

    • feel free to cancel your trades now that mass scrapping exists.

    • Falorie please don't rush, I really don't mind if you finish them after your trip! I'm so thankful you're doing so many for me and I can wait! :D

    • Thanks again! You're so sweet to share <3 I'm still working on those last couple doodle ychs that you requested, I should hopefully have them done before I go on my trip this upcoming wednesday.

    • nnooOO you are gonna make me INK kihuihgioww. we all think you are the BEST bean and appreciate you so, so very much- have for a long time! If you ever wanna talk to us as a whole, Banan runs a discord for her Gatchaverse project and it's a little, but super squishy place to be- we would love to see you around there if it's something you'd be into! You know, when you.. resolidify.. oh gosh, let me just. here. a have.. I have a nice jar..!


    • Puck AAAH Puck you're so gosh darn cute!! You're making me emotionally lay on the floor because it's just so cute and sweet ;w;! You're all so cute it's just so precious and makes me so happy *tries to reconstitute after melting into a puddle*

    • Aaa, you make my heart grow fhuiewi. We were actually in a stream when you commented this and I told them every time I went to reply I just emotionally laid on the floor because my heart was too full of love and Crisu made.. me a gif to express my feels:


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