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User ID: #31147
Username: StrayChowChow
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:31 pm

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KVlw7bD.pngZ1Z9B4n.png s7CSi7i.png QpqYfbl.png MaomET8.png
~ Iron ~ Bronze ~ Silver ~ Gold ~ Diamond ~
Chow Pup Master

Please be patient with me! I'm chronically ill/disabled and some days are worse than others.


Oops I have a Toyhou.se now

I maintain the Self-Upload Custom Paintie Base Collection! Please upload your free-to-use custom paintie bases and expand our gallery!

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Profile Background by Puck <3!

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    • so I hope at all the steel are helping you out alot ^_^

    • thanks :)


    • Thank you for the pumpkin!

    • PrayingMantis Not especially, I always love chow pups but otherwise I don't really have one, sorry ;w;

    • Hi, do you have a wishlist?

    • Breezeyheart ahhh that means sooo much! *w* Thank you ;u; and absolutely!! Whenever you're open just send me a message/comment with the link to your shop/prices :D

      The chow trophies are a touch complicated XD

      The original, the Gold one, was made by MariahKat on discord (using [url=https://www.furvilla.com/img/trophies/0/42-ninja-plunder-power-trophy.pngthis trophy base[/url] and the molten chow. The Diamond one was Alewolf (I believe, it has been a little bit) ended up making the Diamond one, and then I edited the Gold one myself to make the iron/bronze/silver ones! If you can't figure out how to make the siamese cat (whatever item you choose) metal/monochrome looking, I honestly think an item on the trophy base would look good as well <3

    • P.S: I noticed you joined Furvilla after my birthday (my b-day is July 1st) lol!

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