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Username: Enoch
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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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leaving the site

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    • If you're active on fr, would you consider adding me as a friend? I really do enjoy seeing your characters around. I know we don't talk as much anymore but I'd like to still see you around ^^ My UN is the same there as it is here. If not, I totally understand, and hope you do well wherever you go! Thanks for hanging out with me!

    • Hey, glad to see you around again! Hope you've been well!

    • Sorry for never responding to your character sales ping, I didn't see it - I don't use FV anymore, either. I'm a couple months late and didn't want to necro your thread, but thanks for the thought of poking me. c: I hope your characters have been finding good homes!

    • No problem! ^^

    • I haven't! I sent a 1 FC transfer instead with the code attached to it

    • No wonder I recognized them!

    • hey! who did your icon? artist looks familiar

    • <3

    • I have the 4k FD for the lumenfox, so I'll send it and you can send it to Dubstep on TH?

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