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Username: Enoch
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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leaving the site

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    • Don't worry, I'll make sure to draw ya something soon ! <3 I want to! and thank you so much ;-; <3

    • i'm so sorry for taking the last slot of genie's shop i will draw you a bust as a sorry if you want? >^<

    • !!!NYOOM!!!

    • Is there anything in my stall you'd trade your summer platyfae for?

    • I don't hold a grudge and I am not going to report you over something so minor. We all snap sometimes. I hope your stress decreases soon.

    • Hope you've been well. ^^

    • i think...

    • dappervolk is nearing

    • kjdgshku ttthank you goodness gracious
      it was so crushing to have bred like over a 1000 of those birds, help dozens of people and hear so many others getting deco birds and NOT be able to breed one myself so thiss, does mean a lot thankee;;

    • Oh! No! Ahah, it's fine! I've been debating on if I want to spend more money XD Because I hoard my money, lol
      But your response was fine.~
      Are you interested in items of characters along with FC?

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