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Username: Ninjago
Gender: Burrito
Last Online: 8 Dec 2023, 4:28 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:57 am

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First username: xWireyy
Changed to Tapu_Koko on December 6th, 2016
Second username: Tapu_Koko
Changed to Ninjago on August 25th, 2017

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    • A series don't always mean Anime though, a series could be in books and games as well. Like Kingdom hearts is a game series, Daganronpa is a game series, book series and Anime series. but Yes he is my fave.

    • Oh yeah DR is everywhere. one of my fave anime series out there. it's so good

    • At least 100/10 :D

    • i love your name and your residents thank you

    • Yes, they're one of my favorites! Along with Sandslash of course

    • Oh that's perfectly fine fam cuz Ninjago is a good show

    • It's a gr8 show you should watch it.

    • Heyo one question do you like Steven universe?

    • Thanks very much for the congrats~! I do hope that I'll do well as a helper for those that need it X3

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