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User ID: #78632
Username: BlazingFlre
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Jul 2022, 11:09 am
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 7:37 pm

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I've been inactive for a while... oops

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    • Would you take FV currency for Starry and/or Ailier? I understand if you would rather exchange them for something else though, I just asked since I lack anything I can give in the art/Mweor department.

    • Hi! I see that you haven't added me back into the contest :(

    • Hello, I posted this on my page but you didn't see it (obviously) but Foxxa IS my own design. She was my newest, while the others I drew when I was 8 or 9. I would like to be entered again please!!!! Thank you!

    • fsfssfdsagdgdfgfd

    • Thank you! Yours is really cute too! And so is Zorra!

    • Hello! I submitted some art to your art contest! I was wondering when the contest would end???

    • Hii! that's so kind of you to offer!
      I was going to be making a huge amount of banners for myself soon but if you want to give it a shot go ahead! ill definitely put a little credit to you underneath it <3 :)

    • Your css is really nice <3

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