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User ID: #14253
Username: pedroinboxfort
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 May 2019, 5:42 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:31 pm

Profile description

+13 FV time| She/Her | Thailand
I wanna eat grass
Please let me know if my profile is hard to read!

NNvnXrh.png Flight Rising|Main Tumblr|Toyhou.se|Art Shop 6j4UoZF.png

Hey there! I'm pedroinboxfort, you can call me Pink or Boxfort.
I don't really know what I'm doing here. I like to draw and stuff??? I also love bees, memes, and did I mention bees?????

Feel free to message me! I might reply a lil' bit late tho, so sorry in advance!

Helpful Links!
Paintie Resizing Guild|Quest Shard Helpers|Warrior Drops|Furvilla Wiki

Wishlist said:

725-fluffy-chihuahua.png 3139-mysterious-bag-of-mystery.png 641-paintie-ticket.png 3670-lobster-bee-plush.png 3669-magic-lobster-bee-plush.png 1721-bee-morphing-potion.png 2213-magic-queen-bee-plush.png 2212-queen-bee-plush.png 1794-ember-firecat.png (M)1795-blazing-firecat.png (M)3015-phoenix-fire-peacock.png 395-fiery-serpent.png 339-flaming-draggy.png (M)1840-cerberus-doberpup.png 323-phoenix-birb.png 2105-speckled-hognose.png (F)3695-amethyst-geode-cabochark.png 3703-well-loved-teddy-bear.png 3690-tutti-frutti-candy-flion.png (M)3714-gentle-hoyalty.png 3712-hedgy-hoyalty.png (M)3420-sugar-sparkle-crested-pup.png 3757-candy-hoard-faegon.png 3759-bright-light-firefly.png 3760-night-light-firefly.png 3761-day-light-firefly.png 3762-lantern-light-firefly.png

Plushes said:

In the order they appear in the Toybox!
[27 Left!]

1594-wolf-plush.png <hhhh why 2215-magic-maiden-canine-plush.png 2217-magic-peasant-rodent-plush.png 803-magic-bay-dutch-angel-dragon-plush.p 1053-magic-night-spotted-wickerbeast-plu 1057-magic-pink-wickerbeast-plush.png 1055-magic-skull-wickerbeast-plush.png 947-magic-blue-tang-manokit-plush.png 949-magic-clownfish-manokit-plush.png1019-magic-quagga-saggitari-plush.png 1131-magic-winter-snuffle-plush.png

Gembounds ;w; [4000/24600 FD]
Note to self: Half the FD in Bank, rounded down to nearest thousand
893-magic-garnet-gembound-plush.png 891-magic-amethyst-gembound-plush.png 899-magic-aquamarine-gembound-plush.png 885-magic-diamond-gembound-plush.png 901-magic-emerald-gembound-plush.png 897-magic-pearl-gembound-plush.png 895-magic-ruby-gembound-plush.png 887-magic-peridot-gembound-plush.png 907-magic-sapphire-gembound-plush.png 905-magic-opal-gembound-plush.png 889-magic-blue-topaz-gembound-plush.png

1111-magic-oceanic-gembound-plush.png 1110-magic-terra-gembound-plush.png 1109-magic-beloved-gembound-plush.png

Thank you @BeakyBirds for the Magic Black Rose Gembound Plush! ;w;

Need magic versions:
903-magic-citrine-gembound-plush.png <I owe you my life 1129-magic-summer-snuffle-plush.png

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Comments 41

    • Just wanna say that your css and painties are absolutely stunning

    • What program do you use for your pixel art?

    • Bees are the superior species

    • I found a picture of lotsa different types of pretty bees and thought of you!!

    • Tysm! I hope that your birthday was a grand day :D!

    • ouo thank you so much for the Plushie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :3

    • uwu! thank you again ♡

    • You are too kind, thank you for the consolation prize! Unfortunately I accidently rejected it skdsjk

    • Thank you for the plush ^^

    • Thank you SO MUCH! You are a life saver, I swear!

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