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User ID: #50456
Username: xarazura
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:59 am

Villagers 230

Comments 284

    • You're very welcome. <3 I'm not gonna lie ; it won't be easy. But trust me when I say it will get better and will be worth it. I do hope you find what you're looking for. ^-^

    • Sad to see you go. You've brought such warmth and light to this community. But I'm sure there is someone out there who needs you more right now. So may you make new friends, find lots of exciting things to discover, and never forget to be yourself! May Furvilla see you again, and until then, safe journey.

    • Thank you for the present. ^w^ <3

    • I love lookin at ur villagers theyre all so nice!!

    • oof, yea it was a miss-price XD You're so nice but that's okay. I should pay better attention. I'll just list another one XD

    • You're such a sweetheart. Sometimes I miss the little FD click somehow (especially when posting multiple food items) and I appreciate your honesty and kindness by buying+transferring it back. Thank you so much, you're the type of person who I wish we had more of in this world <3

    • Thank you so much for that act of kindness <3!

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