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User ID: #80893
Username: Greater-Dog
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 22 Jun 2020, 2:51 am
Registered: 20 Dec 2016, 8:41 am

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A tiny village underwater, enjoying the ocean.
Hello and welcome
Wish this site had a much better community base. I've been ignored or skipped by so many people here. It makes me want to stay away from the forums. :(
Also wish the bug report forum had more people to help. I've had a problem that's been going on sense December if XVZi((16)).

I'm back after being gone for awhile. Can't say how the community is now. Well is has gotten better.

Sometimes I'm on th iPad and it autocorrects so if something's spelled wrong or doesn't make sense bear with me.
I usually multitask so if I seem slow getting back to you don't take it personally.
I enjoy cosplaing, drawing, gaming, herping, and gardening.
I have a Pom and a Russian tortoise.

I enjoy Undertale, Invader Zim, Gravity Falls, Jing King Of Bandits, Petshop Of Horrors, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy,
Outlaw Star, and many others.

I like and hate gem raptors. They look almost like a species I made as a child and serve as a depressive reminder that whenever I have a creative idea it'll never happen. I've had my heart broken so many times.

Villagers 20

Comments 21

    • I think every village is supposed to have a "main course" worth 8 points and a "dessert" worth 10 points. They require the village-specific tokens to buy the recipe and require ingredients found through that village's explorations.

      Happy Easter!

    • You're welcome! I'd like to have been ambitious enough to go for the 5k food points so I could get another worker, but I'm not active enough on the site to afford that many ingredients lmao. (And since Bel's theme is black and white, I think the silver trophy suits him aesthetic-wise so that's why I chose that.)

      The Baked Furlaska is my favorite dish to cook on-site because it's worth 10 food points but it also takes 45 minutes and I'm forgetful lmao. But, I'm trying. One I regain a job and a steady paycheck I'll probably work my way towards a Worker Slot totem from the FD Emporium.

    • I had enough ingredients left over for 8 Baked Furlaskas, and I'm done cooking three of them. Once the 4th one is finished I'll send those over, and then continue to work on the remaining four!

    • Thank you! I finally did it, I hit the 1500 points I needed. I brought some extra stuff in my quest because I was planning to load up on Baked Furlaska, do you want me to make you some?

    • It truly does, I was delighted when I saw it. xD

    • I'm laughing though because after I stuff 1500 food points worth of soup and crackers into Bel, it's going to become canon to his character that he loathes soup and never wants to see it again lmao. But yeah, thinking you're there and then realizing your not feels bad. :( If I'd known it was 1500 I wouldn't have slacked off for a week rofl.

    • I won't refuse help by any means, but I am also buying my own food from stalls too in the meantime to further my progress 'cause I want to at least carry my own in this. I thought I only needed 1000 points for the Silver trophy but it turns out I need 1500, I'm a little bit mad at myself lmao.

    • Thank you so much for all of the food!

    • Ty! I am getting better and the cyst has grown smaller, so I can draw again! It got really frustrating not being able to draw much :')

    • I enjoy them and recently got into them!
      I've been finding fans all over lately.

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