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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:57 pm

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×Digital Artist (I guess) ▪ 19 ▪ Awkward ▪ Anxious ×


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    • no problem, he was a pleasure to draw!

    • Ajsjdkdldl thank you!! For the drawing of Ells he looks so perfect sobs <33

    • Saw your post from yesterday in the Post your current thought thread. First off, congratulations on graduating! Secondly; the reason why the fans on your laptop are so loud is because it's working on cooling the processor and graphics card within the laptop. Gaming laptops run a lot hotter than business/workspace laptops. This is because they have to do a lot more work than just opening up word documents or surfing the web. So don't be afraid of the fans being loud while in games! Be worried if they're quiet while playing games xD

    • wow! i just saw your post in the drawing thread of my riinthene, ty!! that's amazing!

    • I finished your drawing in the "Draw the OC Above" thread.

    • Ok! I'll probably make one today then :>
      Thank you!

    • Rosa looks amazing, thank you so much!! ;u;

    • Thank you for the drawing of Chubbug.

    • Are you still doing the myo event for the jellbells? They're so cute :3

    • wait...for some reason my brain thought it was the second of December, I'm sorry

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