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User ID: #6728
Username: EggThief
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:57 pm

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[color=#fff]×Digital Artist (I guess) ▪ 18 ▪ Awkward ▪ Anxious ×


I am just a dood who loves alcapurrias and cookies. So sorry if I come off rude or awkward..or stupid...Talking isn't something I am good at. While I don't really mind he/him pronouns please consider using they/them!

Some Things I Like:
Fav food: Alcapurrias, cookies, ~beef~ tacos, cheesburgers, mac and cheese
Fav Games: The Isle, Skyrim, Stardew valley, Pokemon, Animal crossing, and Wolfquest: Anniversary.
Fave stuff: Rocks, fossils, cartoons, skulls, cats, reptiles, and collectables aha

My anxiety makes it hard for me to talk to people in person and over the screen. Though, I'll try my best as that hasn't stopped me so far! Just note that I may not respond if it does not require a response. Questions like "Can I be added to a pinglist?" are not ignored! I just don't respond >.>'

Owed art from:
Demonbf (paid) (I am never getting these)
LEZIFIED (paid) (same for this one ;-;)

Owed art to:
3 pieces on FR!
1 peice for Bomi (Does not need to be done immediantly/for free)

Borders by Sessh
Art in desc by Puck
full moon by Altairas

Villagers 36

Comments 48

    • wait...for some reason my brain thought it was the second of December, I'm sorry

    • happy birthday~!

    • Glad you liked it! ahhhh

    • love the pmd forum icon!! :D

    • dont steal m'e eggs

    • no problem friend ^w^

    • hi! i love ur villagers :3

    • did I pay you the 500FD yet? I can't remember..

    • hey! im sorry to bother but im curious if your custom painties thread will ever reopen? i didn't want to post there in case not ^^


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