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User ID: #123290
Username: OctopieMonster
Gender: Male
Last Online: 28 Nov 2021, 5:01 pm
Registered: 23 Nov 2018, 4:52 pm

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Villagers 40

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    • Thank you SOOO MUCH for adding the potions to the giving tree!!! :3

    • Thanks for adding all those morphing potions to the givimg tree, they will be quite useful for me!

    • I must get...the 4 socket ice blade.
      It calls me

    • yes i do
      no i am not
      i am on a mission

    • Oh no it's fine! I'd feel bad for keeping it, I'll send a trade and you can just send back the FC, yeah? <3

    • Hi! Just checking, was that paintie ticket I just bought for 35k FC a misprice? I'll return it if so ^^

    • Haha You're very welcome. c:

    • I meant to, You can keep it. (: Enjoy!

    • Roses are red,
      I play harmonica.
      Watch out,
      It's just Monika.

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