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User ID: #77726
Username: SerenityStarla
Gender: Female
Registered: 13 Dec 2016, 8:37 am

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Sorry, but I'm inactive. Don't know when I'll be back. I love this community. Thank you for all your hard work Furvilla Staff!!! Miss you my friends <3

Please ignore my wishlist. Thanks.

F2U Shaded Greyscale/Lineart by SK Productions (on DA). Colored by me.

Commissions I never finished cuz of lack of inspiration and depression and bleh that I would like to eventually get done or another piece if the user so requests...

Imoku - Imoku (Digital, in a Kimono if possible)
SugarHigh - Rainbow Chaos (Digitalized Version) Working On
Seabreeze_thefox - Joanie (On Correct base this time oops...) Finished!
CosmicDragon - Griffin (Any of your characters)
HorseCrazyGamer - Wind
As much I am able to do from this thread.
Floofy-Nerd - Bandana Dee Finished!

This is in NO way a priority list. Just a visual list so hopefully... I will actually get these done. Sorry I haven't, yet. Bleh x3

"Hey! I don't want my name / commission up there!"
--- Okay, just comment on my profile or pm me and I will kindly take it down. :)

"Hey! You haven't done my commission, but I don't see it on this list!"
--- Uh-oh, thanks for reminding me!
Just comment on my profile or pm me and I will gladly add it to the list and get done as soon as I am able. :)

Avatar colored by me. F2U icon base by Star-Gazer (on FA). F2U background by Rin-Shiba (on DA).

Mini headshots by TreeTurtles (ID# 110595)
@SerenityStarla | #77726 | Starla | Female | Adult | Hetero | a.k.a. aquawatergirl

Etsy | TH Literatures | TH | DA | FR | YouTube Music Playlist

My Motto:
"Smile. It's a bright, new day."

Thank you to my babies for showing me the true meaning of the above quote.

21674266_GZW3vFilD.png?1587317959 17299109_sASo53UJy.png?1594502847

(1st: atilla [ID# 66519 on Furvilla] | 2nd: Alekzy [ID# 84197 on Furvilla])

My pets' Toyhouse:




My Wishlist

3520-gala-bound-chimera-plushie.png 3519-chimera-knight-plushie.png 3351-magic-diamond-heart-gem.png 3470-magic-elite-heart-gem.png 2267-blossom-pawsum.png
3266-maasai-abada.png 3489-slumber-party-pj-parasnore.png4473-the-lone-yote.png3561-avon-dobhar-chu.png 4475-tiny-toy-t-rex.png

Always more art of my OC's:

(Up to Date)
Any of This Folder or its Subfolders
My ToyHouse Characters

(Somewhat Up To Date)
My Villagers w/ Painties
----> (See below) <----


On that note, I appreciate any Anon Fairies and any gifts in general!
I often am a Fairy myself, and have fun figuring out who I am. ;)


Gifts Granted!
(Always updating)
(No names will be listed. Thank you for the gifts everyone <33)



Personal Goals



My Current Art Examples

Examples Quick Links

Airbrush Technique (Experimental) | Digital Drawings | F2U Bases/Ref Sheets | Furvilla Chibis | Traditional Art | Painties | Cheap Tablet Sketches

All Examples Folder


My Chibi Sticker Shop

My Paintie Shop
(Very Outdated)



One last thing I would like to add. To a special friend whom I used to know:

I don't know if you are even on this site, but if you are reading this, I want you to know that I wish you the best in your life and truly do hope you found happiness, wherever you are.

I pray that we can one day put the past behind us and start talking like we used to, free of worry or care. We met somehow in our past lives, so maybe we'll meet again while on earth, but if I have to wait till the afterlife just to see you again, I would wait an eternity. You really were and still are, a kindred spirit to me.

May you find happiness and comfort wherever you go, just as our fursonas in our RP's once did together a long, long time ago...


Art by KutsiKats (ID# 9650)

Villagers 41

Comments 90

    • i was wondering if you can help me out with y wishlist png images i cant find them all so here is a list, : All species morph potions,magic plushies(Gembound),paintie ticket,Manokit everything,stickers,and house items?? if you can help out it would be so nice!!

    • Thank you so much! ;u;

    • Probably season 4, episode 1, 'The Kindergarten Kid'!

    • Thank-you to the Fluffly Rosy anon fairy yesterday! It brightened my day <3

    • Yea, no problem! I got it from Arkiger's art shop here! ^^

    • Thank you so much! And i have! Frankly that’s why I’m leaving, I’ve got a few accounts that are fairly popular, like my new tiktok i post art on and i spend a lot of time on that so i have no time left for this :o

    • I think my dragon Malixen sporfled a bit at being called regal, but deep down really appreciates the compliment. <3

      Thank you.

    • Thank you, Green Fairy~! <3

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