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User ID: #53429
Username: PookaWitch
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Dec 2021, 12:47 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 pm

Profile description

Feel free to call me Pooka - it's my RL nickname as well. I'm known as PookaWitch nearly everywhere online but used to be known as Pookabunny19 ages ago.

I'm RPG obsessed (tabletop) and my villagers are based after my RP characters from either tabletop or online RP (save for Pooka who is my fursona).

My husband is MrPooka

I'm one of the older people on FV. (age wise)

I make all of my own painties, and I'm not taking commissions right now, sorry.

Flight Rising

Villagers 20

Comments 100

    • ill have a female for you once they go sterile <3

    • *tacklepounces gently* Im soo glad to see you out and about <3

    • Yea that cold took too long to go away. It started light enough and I thought I breeze through.. but then it kicked my butt. Silly me. ^^ And awww. That's both cute and sad that she's not a cuddler. But they do have their own personalities. ^^ And a second kitty? NICE. hehehe Well I look forward to hearing more about Cleo and any furry siblings she gets! ^^ <3

    • Well over all it sounds like a learning.. experience. A not fun one, but those happen to. <3 As for me.. I'm feeling better. Today has been the best of the days the passed week. Thankfully I think I'm coming out of it and it's left to just allergies. HAH. Not words I thought I'd ever be saying. <3

      Also thank you for the sphinxes! TEEHEE!! <3 *cuddles with the three and coos over them* How's little kitty doing? Still a little purring machine?

    • My day is.. okay. I ended up drinking caffeine at a bad choice of hour.. so then I dove back into photoshop and colored things. XD <3 How's yours? I know you mentioned not feeling well due to things. <3 I hope that eased up for you quickly.

    • Yeah xD; Maybe it was a combination of how pretty your characters are and missing Subeta tbh, maybe I should get back on it ... likewise for patience lol, I have so many villagers to look at aa, I'm glad you think they're lovely! <3
      Saame ugh, I'm so slow at breeding ... but I did manage to get a SR Kitsoul fairly quickly, which was surprising! Also eep congrats, the sphinxes are so pretty ;w;
      Yeah! Almost 3 years now I think! <3 it's certainly a journey. This was taken last week. How long have you had yours? ^_^

    • I'd love to see the others when they're done! All your characters are so amazing eep (I admit I might've snooped a lil at your other characters on Subeta aaa sorry). ^_^; thankyou, I tend to hoard villagers and characters aaa but I love them all. ♡

      Oh man I feel ya on that, I've been tryna breed an elaborate chest for my villager Lucius for longer than I care to admit. xwx; sooo many silver chests but no luck haha. I hope you manage to breed one soon!!

    • Woaah, your painties are amazing! I adore your fursona - I also have dreadlocks, glasses and many piercings irl. >w< ♡

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