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User ID: #53429
Username: PookaWitch
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Jan 2022, 12:31 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 pm

Profile description

Feel free to call me Pooka - it's my RL nickname as well. I'm known as PookaWitch nearly everywhere online but used to be known as Pookabunny19 ages ago.

I'm RPG obsessed (tabletop) and my villagers are based after my RP characters from either tabletop or online RP (save for Pooka who is my fursona).

My husband is MrPooka

I'm one of the older people on FV. (age wise)

I make all of my own painties, and I'm not taking commissions right now, sorry.

Flight Rising

Villagers 20

Comments 100

    • Hehe, yes you sure did! Wow...that is a long time! o.o
      Well, they look awesome none the less. Hehe. :) You also did a LOT of line edits. ^^ So I can understand the time it takes.

      Thanks! ^^

    • Ah. It does seem like a lot of work. o.o;

      I love all your characters you did and Toxi's Glisten turned out so gorgeously! ^-^

      I've ordered a couple comissions and I have a challenge going on right now for a Dutch AD. ^^

    • Oh Pooka, so gorgeous! Please do let me know if you start to comission painties. <3

    • You're completely welcome Pooka! :D

    • Pooka your art is stunning as always! Someday I've got to bribe you into making a paintie for me! :D

    • Ahh! Pooka! I should've known you'd be in this site! :D Hi!

    • Its definitely intimidating to try to adjust something that would be that intrusive. Not all warriors have helmets..it kind of puts me off even contemplating trying to remove it o.o Angelic does have the sword and some kind of armor though so that may work. I do like the pose on the galaxy base. Then again if I go with angelic I might switch her species from fox to cat. So indecisive!

      If I make Kirah shes getting the wizard/sorcerer base hands down. Im just waiting on what it may look like at launch so I can determine what species she will be :D

      She looks amazing as she is Pooka. I know how it must feel to only realize that you could have done more after the fact--but she still looks like your character. I think thats what matters^^

    • Yesss :D It took a bit but I really wanted it for Rei because shes my blue. I thought it was perfect^^ Though shes still grumbling about the wing change xD

      I think I might go for a few more costumes. If I get an angelic or galaxy one for Ammelia I might be tempted to use that base as a Paintie. The warrior would be ideal given her class..but I dont want to mess with that helmet o.o

    • *flyingtackleglomps and clings*

    • Aaaaaaaaah, Pooka! All of your characters look so amazing on here! All the gorgeous little details, my goodness. <3 They're just all so gorgeous and wonderful!

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