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User ID: #53429
Username: PookaWitch
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Jan 2022, 12:31 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 pm

Profile description

Feel free to call me Pooka - it's my RL nickname as well. I'm known as PookaWitch nearly everywhere online but used to be known as Pookabunny19 ages ago.

I'm RPG obsessed (tabletop) and my villagers are based after my RP characters from either tabletop or online RP (save for Pooka who is my fursona).

My husband is MrPooka

I'm one of the older people on FV. (age wise)

I make all of my own painties, and I'm not taking commissions right now, sorry.

Flight Rising

Villagers 20

Comments 100

    • Oh gosh! I'm so glad you're here! :D I've loved your characters since Neopets! ^^

    • Ah ah I can quite understand it ! :'D I am a 10yrs Roleplayer but I have like so many OC's ! I am not familiar with English tho, better in French ! xD But still, I hope we would be able to have more villagers ! 8D

    • Your characters are so diverse and rich ! Really amazing chara-design and profiles ! I love to see such diversity in someone's profile ! ^^

    • Well I look forward to seeing Alexia in all her pirate-y glory! I just love how you've worked with these templates! I've seen a few other lovely jobs too. SO many creative ways to play on this site. *bounces and rolls*

    • That is true. Though that first time I found him was through the link to him on your's or Phae's profiles. So maybe it's the way the linking worked that made it goof with their site coding. Either way.. I found him via search and added him. ^^

    • TeeHee! I bet they are! And I saw, but it wouldn't allow me to try to friend request him. I'm not sure why. I've been having internet issues today. So, I'm chalking it up to that.

    • I'm just loving seeing you making the painties! ^^ Mostly cause I'm loving seeing these characters come to FV! <3 But omg.. I'm sqealing so hard over the three you've already completed. And I can not wait to see how you bring Malixen in. <3 <3 <3

    • Now I'm picturing her all jodfghjigndf save me from the hair with it all in her face.

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