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User ID: #53429
Username: PookaWitch
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Jan 2022, 12:31 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 pm

Profile description

Feel free to call me Pooka - it's my RL nickname as well. I'm known as PookaWitch nearly everywhere online but used to be known as Pookabunny19 ages ago.

I'm RPG obsessed (tabletop) and my villagers are based after my RP characters from either tabletop or online RP (save for Pooka who is my fursona).

My husband is MrPooka

I'm one of the older people on FV. (age wise)

I make all of my own painties, and I'm not taking commissions right now, sorry.

Flight Rising

Villagers 20

Comments 100

    • Oh huh, I didn't know the name Pooka came from celtic mythology. I'll look that up, that sounds interesting! Thanks c: I only ever knew of it in context of the GoC books, but it makes sense.

    • Yeah its a serious workload, and it doesnt help that all of us have some sort of health issue (Mine being Bad shoulders -- I had to have shoulder surgery on my left one back in 2013 and the orthopedist pretty much told me that my right one is a ticking time bomb cause of my hypermobility -- Less a case of if it gives out and needs to be tightened with surgery and more a case of when) and are ADHD So are prone to getting distracted.... And it doesnt help that we're also crafters. We keep SO MUCH STUFF Cause we actually find it useful in crafts, which is only different than hoarding because we actually use it occasionally. 9_6 Soooo many "neat bottles"

      But yeah its incredibly exciting - we spent a month there in 2014 and it was AMAZING -- and we didnt do the hotel "lets be tourists" Thing we just.. Rented an apartment and lived there. Mom did some of her work we still did chores, etc, but we lived in a place with amazing food and amazing atmosphere and weather that actively prompts you to be active..

    • (I think we talked pretty early on Flight Rising but yeah, I tend to just.. "exist" There, occasionally making adoptables when I'm not busy with work or soquili)

    • I've been pretty good -- I now own Soquili on Gaiaonline. which is one of the biggest/oldest breedables on the site? Been working hard IRL to get our house cleared out and packed up in order to get ourselves moved to Ecuador by this time next year (its a big year with like.. 34 years worth of stuff built up in it -- My mom has health issues and my job lets me work from home and has lull spots in it so we're doing the extended family thing where I stay home to help the parents but continue doing my work since I can do it as long as I have internet.)

    • :D HEY POOKA! It's been a while! How've you been doing?

    • Boop

    • Thank you for the compliment! <3

    • Hai Pooka! :D How is you lady? :D

    • Just saw Zena's paintie. Amazing work as usual!

    • Hullo Pooka XD! Long time no see lol!

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