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Villager: Olorae



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ID: #174011

Name: Olorae

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 3 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: PookaWitch

Species: Cat

Color: Black


House: Olde Foxbury House (597/597)

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Will have a Paintie at some point.

'I consider myself a master of kenjutsu, iaijutsu, and drow battledance, and through decades of training have combined them into my own martial arts style.'
~ Olorae

Name: Olorae
Full Name: Olorae Moondancer
Pronunciation: oo - lor - ay
Meaning: 'tattooed dancer' or 'nude dancer'
Nickname: Odoriko (in Kozakura)
Species: Elven (half drow and half high)

Birthday: March 17th
Age: Adult
Gender: female
Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Battle Dancer (Dancer/Soldier)
Deity: Eilistraee

Build: lean and athletic

Parents: Mi'Ri'Lil & Laer'ien
Siblings: Khaymoss (adopted), Rilae'Lya, Illiam'Ithra, Talalara, Al'szin, Phae'Shalee, Wod'jss, Tazerin
Consort: Thesk
Offspring: Ssapriina and G'eldaeraena (identical twins)

Personality: Fairly quiet and calm with a friendly attitude. She's a perfectionist and more then a little competitive. She's not vocal about her competitive nature though, it's something that is more observed about her. She's not a braggart and fakes modesty, but secretly likes to show off and act as if it was nothing. She's probably the most reliable and honest out of all of her siblings.

Merits: Skillful and does nearly everything with as much effort as possible. Reliable and honest.
Flaws: Competitive, a bit too quiet, and sometimes a little full of herself.

Hobbies: Music and Dance, Martial Arts
Favourite Food: Sushi

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