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User ID: #25314
Username: Mindsend
Gender: Agenerfluid
Last Online: 27 Feb 2021, 4:34 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:47 pm

Profile description

Gotta make a Paintie for For the Trees and Eirin Blair

I don't actually identify as furry, but most of my friends are and feel anthropomorphic and animal art is equally as viable as any other art form. In my opinion, self identity is something to be seen as legitimate, so rock on my fine Furry friends.

I don't truly have a Fursona, but I think currently if I did it'd be a Cheshire Cat. An ultra fluffy one at that.. That or Floridian the Citrus Gator.

While its not anyone's business, I believe in being Visible in being an Aromantic Asexual since I understand how much society makes those of us who are asexual or aromantic feel 'broken' when we don't realize our feelings (or lack thereof) are a legitimate thing other people also feel.. As for my "gender", I primarily tend to be Agendered, but sometimes flow into other genders. So I'm "Genderfluid with a resting state of Agendered" or, for short "Agenderfluid".

I have No pronoun Preferences, As long as you're being polite I don't care what you use. Typically go by "She/her" or "They/Them" but have no issue with "He/Him". They're all right at some point or another.

You can also Find me on Gaiaonline and Flight Rising.
And yes, I'm "That" Mindsend from Neopets from the Mid-to-late 00's and Soquili On Gaia.

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    • I knew I had liked Floridian and wasn't sure if I'd commented on her so I didn't even notice. I do love Cei-ana - she's so amazing!

    • Heh, when I commented on Floridian I didn't look at who owned her. It's always fun running into Soq people elsewhere!

    • Thank you for you purchase!

    • Ahah, >w< just trying to help around some~

    • I will!! Thank you!!

    • Well I'm embarrassed most of the time, so I'm kinda used to it by now :P

    • Yea, I just tried it. I'm still a noob. XD

    • Thank you, but I don't really like that both of my wickerbeasts look the same.

    • Thank you!!! I love how they look!

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