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User ID: #71150
Username: Zveris
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm

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I'm Žvėris / Beasty.

You can say I’m a little… Chaotic
Please remind me if I owe you something,
I'm very forgetful ;w;

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    • YELLS thank you for the gorgeous art of Hugo, he looks so so so good in your style sjdkd <3

    • I own 3 Mystery Snails and their names are Pearl, Unit, and Tank :3 Pearl is big, round, and white like a Pearl. Unit is well a unit lmao and tank hangs around this old crashed fighter jet decor so we named him Tank

    • Thank you so much on the share the love thread, i really appreciate it a lot

    • Awesome, will do!!
      ty, and u as well ^^

    • aw, thank you so much! <3

    • Yis, highly friend shaped! thank you for commenting~ ♥

    • Heyo! I just wanted to let you know I claimed you sometime and March on the DTOAY thread and ended up forgetting about it. Thankfully Uendo does send out reminders so it's done now! I'm so sorry for the wait >.<
      link if you need it

    • shortyginger whichever you're more comfortable with! :D and no worries~

    • Bugs are my favorite to draw. Would you want anthro or feral? I also have to note I haven't really drawn much in a year beside doing simple emotes/sketches for myself. I apologize in advance if I struggle a bit because I have not kept up practice.

    • Hello. I claimed you in the "draw your OC above" thread over a year ago but couldn't complete the art at the time due to real life events. Is there a certain character(s) you'd like me to draw?

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