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User ID: #71150
Username: Kol
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm

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I tried to, at least-
I'd make a joke about saying i was going to log off for a while and then accidently logging in 106+ days in a row as if i jinxed myself. ha, ha .. ha..
seriously though xD

reminder for self :
Pending Transactions:
-> LittleMushroomSnail (Art)
-> NyoomMonster (Art)
| | | -> Foxesa ( Art)
-- New:
Fullbody of Max and Kol by RedFoxen

Fullbody of Froggy by into-otter-space (for them

Owe :
-Salamander- one fullbody drawing of Rat

Villagers 29

Comments 147

    • Gotta love the double post xD no worries I can just delete one

    • just seen your post about 2/22/22 I made a villager today and I made sure to make it at 2:22 so offical birthdate is 2/22/22 2:22 I love it so much

    • Thank you so much for drawing Tatsu!

      Now let me...
      AAA THAT ART LOOKS SO GOOD ♥ Thank you!

    • Oh! I didn't even notice that you're an ancient player- /j
      you've bee here since 2016??? When it first started- oh wowo, that's so cool!!!

    • Ohhhh XD

    • You seem to like the letter e

    • Thanks so much for drawing Meerak :3

    • thank you!! (´;ω;)

    • ty !! >:3

    • Thank you so much!

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