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Username: Kol
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm

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Kol Lucien - March 26 1997 - They/Them - A Kind Fairy
Hello! I'm Kol~ A mixed species creature from North Texas who loves Tea, Plushies, and gardening!
Find me Here
Joyfriend of Goodbody
rookfern Vullora Custom
EchotheDutchie ( Link )& Puppy ( Link )

~Also On~
Discord ; Kol#4494
Telegram : @Kyberos

~Awesome People~
StrawberryFloof MadMadameFlare xXPleiadesPawsXx Dream-Treader ChesRed Lenden SilverGlitchFox Hypernova Jeverinth Gypsonium Dweller_Kraken iEatSouls AC_lazy02 BeccaKitty AcerbicDream BrittIsntSane AlexandriaNovak Nix_The_Polar_Bear TheKingInTheNorth

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    • oMG sorrY im late but TY FOR THE ART oml its super cute

    • You're very welcome! You have some very interesting villagers yourself!

    • thank you!!

    • thAnk you vry much ^^

    • I forgot to say thank you so much!
      Your awesome!

    • I am still
      (I got a non magical one from the chex mex fairy but i would love a magical one)

    • thank you for the gift.

    • I am still looking for it, yes

    • <3 Happy Hilidays!

    • You are very much welcome. Purr

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