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Villager: Captain Alexia



Villager Info

ID: #118466

Name: Captain Alexia

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 4 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: PookaWitch

Species: Big Cat

Color: Lioness

Costume: Pirate


House: Olde Foxbury House (974/1045)

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Approved: 14 Jul 2016, 2:33 pm

Likes: 40 ♥

Tags: oc pirate lion hair clothing original character costume captain

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Captain Alexia looks stunning!

Captain Alexia's very special treasures!


Ambitious | Adventurous | Scholarly | Aspirant
.: Pirate Queen :.

Race: Brechtur
Bloodline: Anduiras (great)
Class: Pirate Queen (Fighter/Rogue/Dread Pirate/Legendary Captain)
Job: Queen of the Pirate Islands / Captain of the Ransom
Alignment: Chaotic Good (borderline Chaotic Neutral)
Religion: Nera and Waukeen
Favourite Food: Soft cheeses or heavy fruit/rum cakes

Age: Adult
Birthday: March 25th (unknown to her)

Fur: grey with darker grey stripes
Hair black
Eyes: brown
Skin Tone: pale
Forms: human (true form), lion, anthro, sphinx

Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Husband: Captain Karen (secretly married)
Offspring: Riley and Alek (fraternal twins from different fathers)

Ship: the Ransom (Brecht Round Ship)


Personality: A vulgar tongue and rowdy personality hides the sharp mind of a plotting, driven, ambitious woman.
Alexia is nearly always plotting and planning, her life is set up in 'stages' that she sets out for herself, each a new, and more impressive goal that she strives to meet. Her treasure-lust tends to be a cover for her strong devotion to her country and people. Those who pay attention will notice that a very large share of her acquired plunder goes back towards the community to keep the people happy and well cared for.

Merits: She's brilliant and constantly seeks to better herself and her people. Alexia can also be quite a 'party girl', knowing how to really have fun. Very goal-oriented and determined. She's frequently strategized numerous steps ahead and often has 'plans within plans' for most situations.

Flaws: Even with all of her planning Alexia still tends to fall back on impulsive ideas. She's rather conniving and isn't above petty lies to get what she wants. It takes an effort for Alexia to speak politely. She's often confused about how to deal with people from outside of her social structure, and through thoughtlessness has more then often wound up hurting those close to her.

Hobbies: reading, card and dice playing, thwarting Kaern
Favourite Food: wine cheese (most soft cheeses) nearly tied with fruit cake

Things you don't know about me:

I worked and scraped me way up from a young orphan, to cabin girl, to crew mate, to first mate, to Captain, to Queen. Yer life is what ye make it, everythin' ye could be wishin' for is there for the takin', if only ye have the ambition.



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    • Love the character and paintie!

    • Oh I do so LOVE LOVE LOVE Captain Alexia! <3 And that BOOTY! *giggles and runs*

    • Thank you for the comments. ^_^

    • What an extravagant and astounding character so admirable. Complements all around.

    • What a great pirate lady! I love love the idea + the effect!

    • Ahhhh, I love her design! What a great character~

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