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User ID: #10769
Username: Daifaux
Gender: Male
Last Online: 11 Aug 2021, 2:35 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:42 pm

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{{Semi-Hiatus}}- update; 10/6/18 (not super active in game here, occasionally click around, mostly check up on adopt/art shop) May be more active around event times however
If you need to contact me about something important/site related (like art/adopt shop) please message me via Tumblr, FA, or dA if i dont respond after 24hrs here or if it's time sensitive.

❥ {| Dai/Kana || 22 || ♉ || They/Them/He/Him |}

Furaffinity - Kanarichan
Tumblr - Kanarichan
DeviantART - Kanarichan
Toyhou.se - Daifaux (thank you Nytemaire for the code <33)
Dappervolk - Akihiro (#3358)

Forever a Dragonsmaw Manor Resident! (May be traveling to other places for supplies, but Dragonsmaw is my true home.)

*I do not accept random friend requests, sorry!

+Art Shop+
+Adoptables & Kenzui Species+

+-FV Wishlist (for quick reference)-+

Paintie Commissions: open/closed/SEMI-OPEN
Average prices (to give an idea, however pricing really comes own to the design and just how big and how many edits there are)

$1USD ---> 150FD [currently not accepting FC]
Semi-Open status = USD only (maybe art trade but fairly picky)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
$7-$17 ~ Base colouration and/or minor edits
$12-$22 ~ Small/medium edits (hair fringes, extra eyes, accessories..etc.)
$17-$32 ~ Large edits (additional wings, tail redraws, certain clothing designs)
$35+ ~ Complex edits & Shifty species (there is a lot of editing done, complicated designs and details..)

When submitting a paintie made by me, tag the paintie with my username after being accepted so other's can search and find all painties I have done for reference.
I have problems reading things time to time when in large paragraphs or amounts of data displayed in a singular location (this goes with my own posts as well) Please, if i miss something, misread, or mistyped something somewhere, let me know! I try to look over things multiple times just to be sure but sometimes things still slip through.
I'm not the strongest at English either so I apologise for mistakes there as well as troubles in communication/misunderstandings.

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    • I Love how Akihiro looks, he so cute!

    • And now I cant beat you XD yay, looks like its working. what do you think ?

    • nope, its all in the name of a good fight =P

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    • I hope you are having a good day today!

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