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User ID: #52081
Username: SweetIntoxikation
Last Online: 13 Jun 2020, 12:45 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 1:20 pm

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    • Daww, thank you again!

    • Oh that's good that you're feeling much better. You've been sick for quite awhile now.
      Chloe stopped constantly purring, I think she was just excited the first couple of days. She's pretty sweet, not 'cuddly' though, but tolerates some petting. She's very gentle letting you know when she's had enough and will push your hand away with her paws when she's done. BTW, because she's 'not' being cuddly Pat suggested even getting another cat! We may have two soon. <3

    • It was my own dumb fault, but I was very sick pretty much the whole day. I have been warned that I shouldn't drink a lot while on my medication, and I wonder if that's why.
      Anyhow, are you starting to fee better yet?

    • *snugs* How is your day?

    • :D Thank you so much! *hugs you so tight you turn blue*

    • :O Oh my goodness!! Are you sure about this Toxi? You could keep and breed them during the month.

    • Ohmygosh--thankyou !!!*glomps*

    • *pounces and snuggles* hey ^^ found a wild Toxi XD
      want anything from the quetz shops let me know i'll send it to you ^_^

    • I spot a wild Toxi!
      *Throws a sparkly Pokeball*
      Please stay shut....please....

    • There's another villager slot!!
      I have no idea who to make now... Malixen is building a new house as quick as she can. Gah! *flails with joy*

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