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User ID: #54418
Username: Ziraous
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Apr 2022, 12:22 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 7:03 pm

Profile description

Well, I am not a furry, however I love animals and this site just seems so nice and welcoming. I'm mainly here because some of my friends are here. I adore painties & Artwork!

Bought both my Dream Item & Dream Mini Pet!!

I do roleplay, but I am a bit picky on who I roleplay with.

I love Deer, Dragons, and Butterflies! ^^

My avatar was comissioned. I do not claim the art, but it is mine. Please do not steal. <3
It's Eevee & I. <3

About Me:
Name: Zira/Domi
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Interests: Video Games, Books, MLP, Dr Who, Pokemon, many more things.
Hobbies: Making Crafts, aquiring artwork of my OCs.
Status: Taken by a wonderful man! My Gargoyle. <3

I'm straight. No offense, but please respect that. I respect everyone for who they are and I do not change them so please do not change me. Thank yous. <3

Sites I am on - (All as Ziraous)
Flight Rising (Not very active)
Chicken Smoothie (Semi-active)
Gaia Online (Active)

Mobile Games - (Ziraous again or FB log-ins)
Pokemon Go (Active - Tem Mystic)
LINE Tsum Tsum (Active)
Flutter (Active only during events)
Splash (Active)
Flutter: Starlight (Active)
Summoner's War (Active)

Chances are if you have seen the username Ziraous, it is 100% me.
I also go by Domkore, Domivee, dommymew, and zdbutterfly.

Still working on the profile.

Villagers 13

Comments 51

    • I'm glad that you saw the message. ^_^
      Daww, and thank you for those kind words.

    • seHHOFG.jpg Best of wishes to you in this Holiday Season!

    • That's so sweet of you to have Pebbles made for your sister! I'm sure she's going to be so excited to get her when the site opens. :)

      And thank you! <3 I love your villagers, all of your DADs are especially beautiful :D

    • Hiya to you too! I'm doing great. It's getting colder here and we've had a little snow but it's all gone now. It rained last night and washed it all away. Things are quiet over at PI so I've been keeping busy here. Making backgrounds for my Villagers. Can't wait for the Grand Opening to see what new costumes and villagers come with it. I was hoping for a new area, with more new stuff with it too. Here at home, we're all ready making our homemade Christmas gifts. We do Mason Jar things like Soup in a Jar and Cookies in a Jar. We make Lavender sachet pillows and Sugar Scrubs. I have a few close friends I'm making Happy Planners for (disc bound planners). I have to say Pinterest is my favourite site for ideas. Whew! Enough about me. What's new with you?

    • No, I've not made the profile & uploaded yet, but hope to soon!

    • Thank you for the comment on Melanie! And your villagers are so pretty!

    • When I'm done with my villagers, most of them will be purple, too, so I totally get it. ;) And those are all beautiful themes!

    • Thank you, yours is lovely, too! I see you love flower and purple themes/things a lot, too. <3

    • Thank you! :D Hopefully once i'm done with commissions and owed art, I can start funneling progress into making the thread. ;v;/

    • Thank you so much for the medicine! You are so kind.

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