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User ID: #711
Username: Mythril
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 1 Aug 2020, 5:51 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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Update July 8th 2018
My grandfather had passed away on the 2nd of this month...

I thank everyone who read my profile and gave me their condolences. It means a lot to me!

And, no, it was never his fault I fell off the face of most pet sites. I acquired a job through making artwork and I helped my grandmother pay bills while he was out of work. Had to help the family out somehow.

I might finally go back to signing in here more frequently... Possibly. I want to re-work on Star Bat designs but my current job takes up a lot of time---To the point where the designs will have to sell for IRL dosh than on-site currency.

I suppose just... Stay tuned.

Update as of June 6th 2017
Hi! Apparently I get pings or messages every now and again---Mostly about Star Bats!
So I'd like to leave a little notice in case people still drop by my profile:

I apologize sincerely over my lack of appearance as of late. I've have generally not been signing into any Pet Simulator/Site in ages!
So it's not just Furvilla! I'm not avoiding anyone here nor has any trouble arisen for me here on this site. But rather, I've been dealing with dilemmas in real life.

I'll leave out the nitty gritty details as to why I was done and just keep it short:

I have a family member with a terminal illness as of January 2016 and he started off healthy with fighting it but as the months went by... He's only been declining with his health and my family and I are in a pit of worry.
At this point---I am honestly just an emotional wreck trying to get by with helping my family with money.
And I have to deal with my mental disorders without seeing therapy.

So i'm struggling. And i'm sorry.

I hope no one bares any ill will towards me for not going back to selling Star Bats.

I also have to admit that if I do bring them back here---The lineart will have to be redone because I lost the initial files for the painties! (Sorry, I was stupid and forgot Dropboz existed before my old laptop nuked itself). ;^;
But it does leave some wiggle room for new poses and such~

I figured I'd leave this notice up just in case.

I thank everyone for still being supportive and no one has become angry at me for anything---Thank you all for being kind and mature.

Thank you all. Please be safe!
/End edit

Mythril/Myth/Mythy | 22 | ♒
Alternatively I can be called "Felicity" or "Milquetoast"!

Status: Really sleepy... -yawns-

Star Bats!

Furvilla Goals
- Move to Every Town [2/5]
- Have a Horse Villager in each costume [3/15]

Kinda quiet and likes bad puns.
I'm pretty asocial and ND. Not making any lists here, though.

I'm generally friendly. I'm not too good with small talk, it's not one of my strong points with socializing..

I love drawing digital and traditional artwork frequently along with needle felting from time to time.

I have an orange tabby named "Roxas" and a pasta-stealing cockatiel named "Ellie" and I love them both very much!

Deviantart - X
Toyhouse - X
Tumblr - X

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    • Your ID is 711 and my birthday is July 11 :D

    • No problem. I want a star bat of my own but. I'm not one that has real money or fd. XD So good luck! Maybe once your thread is thriving I'll be able to buy one.

    • How does one go about getting a star batty from you? o:

    • Right?!

      *excited scream* yay, I'm so excited!

    • Thank you so much! :D I love little Cinno with all of my heart so it makes me so happy when people like him too.

      I'm actually getting a catbat made for me, and I'm breeding catbats and such, like, I love bats. So whenever your species is up and running, I'd absolutely adore adopting one and reading more about them! ;o; pls let me be on the ping list, I like really want one. <3

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