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User ID: #29109
Username: SethWolfbaine
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:18 pm

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My page is a bit of a mess right now, please excuse it
★ ☆ Genderfluid | Demisexual | Taken | UK ☆ ★
| Twitter | Twitch |
Furvilla Shop

I have been Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, severe anxiety, OCD & depression.
Please understand that if I go quiet, I'm not ignoring you.

To-make list:
Saltwater Crocodile - Snap
Day Gecko - Tokay

| X | X | X | X | X |
| Pet wishlist: |
392-green-serpent.png 427-electric-spirit.png2609-gray-wolf-cub.png2619-magic-sea-monster-lizard-plush.png
| Green Serpent | Electric Spirit | Grey Wolf cub | Sea-monster plush |
[ 0.77GBP = 1USD = 100FD = 50kFC ]
These guys
helped with CSS backgrounds & comment section, the rest by me

5 Medieval Fabric
1 Medieval Sewing Set
250 Elegant Feather
250 Golden Laurels
1 Royal Crown (Royal Crown Blueprint, Kingly Gemstone, 33/100 Sun Coin)
Furcoins 2500

Diver Pattern Book
Diver Mask
1/250 Scuba Shoes
103/250 Oxygen Tank
Shell Sewing Set
5/5 Kelp Fabric

Villagers 6

Comments 23

    • I have no idea how to fix the css aand put the menu options back. Things looked okay when I last did it, i apologise

    • Ahh thank you so much! <33

    • Ah thank you for the offer! But no worries, that list isn't a priority or anything, just like a 'self' reminder of things I want, aha. I wish I could help with the Mythic Cubs tho! Since they weren't breedable or given out during the event through something other than the shop, I don't have extras to give out. ; A ;

    • Awee thanks. c:

    • I tried looking for it to give you but i cant seem to find the un-colored base anywhere, i accidentally deleted the original file and didnt even realize it till you asked about it :c

    • I do! My fa is Taiomifox (its old)

    • Nope!
      Just go to the Town Hall tab then press Plush Collector and you should be able to find it!

    • Well I have a dew but I have three extras which are
      A magic brown rabbit,magic striped hyena and a magic savannah monitor.

      We are able to make them but it would cost a bunch of random items!

    • Let me know if you have
      830-husky-canine-plush.png 1036-albino-ball-python-snake-plush.png 1048-jungle-velociraptor-plush.png 934-arizona-striped-lizard-plush.png 730-baby-crocodile-plush.png

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