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User ID: #54418
Username: Ziraous
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Mar 2021, 5:26 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 7:03 pm

Profile description

Well, I am not a furry, however I love animals and this site just seems so nice and welcoming. I'm mainly here because some of my friends are here. I adore painties & Artwork!

Bought both my Dream Item & Dream Mini Pet!!

I do roleplay, but I am a bit picky on who I roleplay with.

I love Deer, Dragons, and Butterflies! ^^

My avatar was comissioned. I do not claim the art, but it is mine. Please do not steal. <3
It's Eevee & I. <3

About Me:
Name: Zira/Domi
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Interests: Video Games, Books, MLP, Dr Who, Pokemon, many more things.
Hobbies: Making Crafts, aquiring artwork of my OCs.
Status: Taken by a wonderful man! My Gargoyle. <3

I'm straight. No offense, but please respect that. I respect everyone for who they are and I do not change them so please do not change me. Thank yous. <3

Sites I am on - (All as Ziraous)
Flight Rising (Not very active)
Chicken Smoothie (Semi-active)
Gaia Online (Active)

Mobile Games - (Ziraous again or FB log-ins)
Pokemon Go (Active - Tem Mystic)
LINE Tsum Tsum (Active)
Flutter (Active only during events)
Splash (Active)
Flutter: Starlight (Active)
Summoner's War (Active)

Chances are if you have seen the username Ziraous, it is 100% me.
I also go by Domkore, Domivee, dommymew, and zdbutterfly.

Still working on the profile.

Villagers 13

Comments 51

    • Wow, you have so many painties done now. Your village is really beautiful. <3

    • ^_^ I went with the colours from her FR version. That slightly different brown tone kept it from looking too weird.

    • Omg you NEED to watch it. I'll use this website to watch it. I put it on e1 for ya too, if you decide to check it out :)
      Keep in mind the first episodes are not as good, but you should watch them for character intro.

    • Do... do you like steven universe?

    • Thank you! Yours is quite lovely!

    • Thankyou hun <3 Will do <3

    • pokes back

    • I think my only pet to not get a paintie will be Captn, because I love how that costume looks! I might end up commissioning one for Choux because I'm not very good at dresses (though she could just be a simple recolour, too, i'm not sure yet)... A few of mine are based off favourite ponies, though! Persa, Cinnamon, Bubo, Eerie, and Erlking were all characters of mine from PI that I've transported over, haha. It's been fun to reimagine them :> Looks like i'll have to keep an eye on your villagers, though, to see which ones you get painties for next!

    • I understand... painties are so much fun. I've been having a pretty good time making them - and looking at the ones everyone else is making! I love all of the ones you've collected so far. They've all got such a nice aesthetic - Kala and Shaylee's are especially nice! But haha oh boy, I actually don't swear all that much, so it was never a problem on PI for me. That said, pretty happy I don't have to worry too much about censoring the heck out of myself, because I DO use a lot of 'replacement swears' that'd get me a ban on PI xD

    • hey! i'm liking it pretty well so far, though the community is a bit... new. I think I just need to get over the culture shock of coming from PI to here xP The glitter is just unicode characters, you're welcome to use it, if you like! I just pasted them together to look pretty haha.

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