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Villager: Amelia


Villager Info

ID: #150396

Name: Amelia

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Ziraous

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Blue Roan


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/208)

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Approved: 30 Jul 2016, 3:54 pm

Likes: 79 ♥

Tags: zaiyon

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Paintie by Zaiyon !

Amelia loves exploring and gathering items. The main reason she is an explorer is so she can go and see a;ll the handsome males. She knows out there somewhere in the world is the love of her life. She is hoping to find him someday.

Background: Amelia was not always a Dutch Angel Dragon. She was once a beautiful human woman. One day when she was out exploring the land here was a butterfly. It was the most gorgeous butterfly she had ever seen in her life. Unbeknowst to her the butterfly was actually a sorceress shapeshifter. Amelia saw the "butterfly" caught in a web and went to help it. She freed the insect and smiled but then that smile turned into a worried frown as the "butterfly" turned into a human. She gulped at this magic as she had never seen such a thing before.

She was getting ready to make a run for it when the woman spoke a soft gentle whisper. "Thank you." you said and she bowed her head. "Because you have helped me I will help you with what you seek most. True Love."

Amelia looked at the woman before her. "What is the catch?" She asked with curiosity.

"The only thing is that you will change form and be taken to a different land where you will search and find the love of your life." she said in a serious tone. "You are guaranteed true love. However, you must decide in the next minute if you want this to be true."

Amelia looked at the woman. She figured if it would grant her true love it couldn't be that bad! "Okay, I accept this fate." she said with her head held high. She watched as the woman raised her hand and pointed at Amelia speaking a language she never heard before. And there she was in Olde Foxbury as who she is now. Constantly searching for the one who will make her heart fill full.

More info coming soon!


Comments 14

    • Oh my, you are just stunning!~
      I love those bracelet and tail ring, they match your crown so nicely~

    • She's so pretty oml

    • I hope you find your true love, for it is your destiny.

    • Amelia is absolutely gorgeous!! Officially one of my favorite DADs to date!

    • Well thank you, nice to get a complement from a beauty.

    • Thanks! When she wasn't picked from your thread I contacted the artist to buy her becuase I thought she was lovely and they agreed. I'm really happy with her. :D

    • Thank you! You're quite lovely yourself! o:

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