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User ID: #22185
Username: BritishMindslave
Gender: Female
Last Online: 27 Jan 2020, 1:50 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:10 am

Profile description

If you would like to commission me for a Paintie, send me a PM! <3

She/Her // 24 // Pansexual // MA
Digital Artists // High School Art Teacher in Training
Caprcorn // December 31st
My name is Brit/Julia, but I like being called Brit!
I love all things Yu-Gi-Oh!, especially GX, and love My Little Pony and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

I don't have many furry characters, but I'll likely have a bunch from here haha <3

-Geisha Villager (???)
-Auracorn Bab
-Victorian Villager (Saggitari)

Painties I Have Done
garnet_by_britishmindslave-dadr081.png fross_by_britishmindslave-dadr9ti.png chimary_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tp.png wysteria_by_britishmindslave-dadr9qy.png fushigi_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tg.png glepnir_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t9.png igni_by_britishmindslave-dadrbj7.png nowaku_by_britishmindslave-dadrbqx.png pastel_by_britishmindslave-daes1an.png

sebastian_by_britishmindslave-dadr9sq.pn delphie_by_britishmindslave-dadr9r7.png pj_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tm.png loki_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t0.png trace_by_britishmindslave-dadr9rp.png goopy_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t5.png blacky_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tw.png angel_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tz.png chari_by_britishmindslave-dadr9ts.png mouse_by_britishmindslave-dadr9sv.png spacebat_by_britishmindslave-dadr9si.png twitchy_by_britishmindslave-dadr9rj.png vivi_by_britishmindslave-dadr9re.png

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Comments 19

    • Awesome! Thank you! x3

    • Can you add me to your paintie wait list again? x3 I wish to get a few more done owo
      That is, if you have a wait list?

    • I roleplayed as my OC Turk, Anthos. I'm doing well. Going to school for Graphic Design now and mostly hanging out on tumblr in the Star Wars tags now. Still creep following some old FF7 blogs.

    • I don't know if you remember me, but we used to rp on Subeta over FF7. I still have the commission you did for me. How are you doing?

    • Ikr ;o;
      It's actually free-to-use, but yours is already so pretty!

    • I just randomly found you here! Crazy! -The same Cocoa from DA

    • Ahaha, thank you |D (spread the love live love)

    • Hey hey, thanks for the visit/comments to my page! <3 Nice to make new friends.

    • I, too, like to see his pain and suffering (goes for the other protagonists too) because I love angst too much XD

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