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User ID: #22185
Username: BritishMindslave
Gender: Female
Last Online: 27 Jan 2020, 1:50 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:10 am

Profile description

If you would like to commission me for a Paintie, send me a PM! <3

She/Her // 24 // Pansexual // MA
Digital Artists // High School Art Teacher in Training
Caprcorn // December 31st
My name is Brit/Julia, but I like being called Brit!
I love all things Yu-Gi-Oh!, especially GX, and love My Little Pony and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

I don't have many furry characters, but I'll likely have a bunch from here haha <3

-Geisha Villager (???)
-Auracorn Bab
-Victorian Villager (Saggitari)

Painties I Have Done
garnet_by_britishmindslave-dadr081.png fross_by_britishmindslave-dadr9ti.png chimary_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tp.png wysteria_by_britishmindslave-dadr9qy.png fushigi_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tg.png glepnir_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t9.png igni_by_britishmindslave-dadrbj7.png nowaku_by_britishmindslave-dadrbqx.png pastel_by_britishmindslave-daes1an.png

sebastian_by_britishmindslave-dadr9sq.pn delphie_by_britishmindslave-dadr9r7.png pj_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tm.png loki_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t0.png trace_by_britishmindslave-dadr9rp.png goopy_by_britishmindslave-dadr9t5.png blacky_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tw.png angel_by_britishmindslave-dadr9tz.png chari_by_britishmindslave-dadr9ts.png mouse_by_britishmindslave-dadr9sv.png spacebat_by_britishmindslave-dadr9si.png twitchy_by_britishmindslave-dadr9rj.png vivi_by_britishmindslave-dadr9re.png

Villagers 11

Comments 19

    • Eyyyy~ Yeah I totally remember commissioning you ^o^ I still love that drawing very much. I have it tucked away in my stash of goodies. I appreciate the kind words~ Your painties are lovely as well

    • Thank you! also, your painties look amazing! :D

    • !! thank you... it's very cute! :3

    • Very pretty Villagers and I had a feeling you liked Yu-Gi-Oh! I prefer Zexal myself.

    • Aaaah gosh your characters are so cute I can't


    • I love all of your characters!

    • All your characters are super adorable! >w<

    • Your characters are lovely!

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