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User ID: #681
Username: Manah
Gender: Female
Last Online: 2 Jun 2019, 12:17 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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Hello I'm Manah! I'm from the Netherlands. I'm a fan of Final Fantasy VII, Fire Emblem Fates and Yugioh. I like dragons and snow leopards a lot :)

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    • I do indeed have a Discord! What's your tag? (both username and number ID thing) I'll hit you up on DM and we can totally talk more there!

    • Crush? ....yes. Very much so. *sweats nervously*

    • Ah heck, you've got Yami Yugi as your profile pic and I can't handle the pure, unadulterated sexy!!!

      (...I just realized how not-okay that sounds, my apologies. Yami Yugi was my official first anime crush, and I'll be damned if I ever forget him. Awkwardness aside, it's always great to find another Yu-Gi-Oh! fan around here. Pleased to meet you, fellow duelist!)

    • No problem! <3 Happy Holidays! :D

    • I'm glad I'm finding things that people still need! It's funny because I found it immediately after I saw your post saying you still needed the button. XD

    • I hope you can complete your collection! :D

    • :3c

    • I was kind of shocked I hadn't added you already! No wonder my friend list was suspiciously low on Yugi Muto.

    • i love it omgggg

    • your new pirate yami icon is so cute omg

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