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User ID: #68831
Username: Wolfman
Gender: Eldritch Horror
Last Online: 10 Aug 2022, 8:10 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 4:34 pm

Profile description

1 Hour 1 Minute ahead of FV time


The Horned Ones: Satanist Discord Server

Eyvor, Feral, Saber, or Wolfman
3454-non-binary-pride-button.png 3456-pansexual-pride-button.png ajKLC0p.png4812-any-pronoun-button.png
Satanist | Artist | Writer | Stoner
Sometimes I do things. Sometimes I stare off into the void. I never know which it's gonna be, so it's a surprise for both of us.

Permanent resident of DMM


Character Sales

[b]I post art on these sites, click the links to go to my profiles! I always appreciate a watch, follow or like ^^

Wishlist (Pasted here to help me keep track):

Villagers 28

Comments 83

    • Would you like Super sharks for free?

    • Would you like your sharks bred?

    • Hi! yeah, i started playing again a while ago, it's pretyt fun to make painties <3

    • I love your paintie for Óleryddor, what a cute design!

    • Hello, long time no talk, I just logged in cause stressful years, How have you been?

    • Thank you for the gift! You are an incredible person!

    • Like your CSS, but its hard to read with the white text. O-o

    • Thank you so much for the gift!!

    • Omg thank you! You’re so nice

    • Thank you so much for the tip! I appreciate you<3

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