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User ID: #54018
Username: SplashStar
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:25 pm

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Planning on leaving, I just have to bring myself to sell everything, but the art.
DM offers for low/interesting ID villagers.

DeeJay - my little brother

Discord: Geep#0888 (I'm very active there)
I'm usually SplashStar, DanviDog, or some variation of them anywhere else
dA: https://www.deviantart.com/eagle-bird

Logo by Oni

Villagers 24

Comments 32

    • dont leave me alone on this godforsaken site, splash

    • @SleepyFoxy I'm pretty sure you can, I actually got it from -Survivor-'s profile

    • would it be alright if i displayed the ribbon you have there on my profile as well?

    • Thanks again! Have a great day

    • Aww <3 have a good day~!

    • Thankyou! <3

    • Author I know 'noir' is 'black' in French, and 'chai' is 'tea' in multiple languages, so I inferred it meant 'Black Tea'.

    • Actually, i think it does, in a way. Honestly i think it would mean something like "japanese tea black" or something, heh.

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