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User ID: #54018
Username: SplashStar
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:25 pm

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Planning on leaving, I just have to bring myself to sell everything, but the art.
DM offers for low/interesting ID villagers.

DeeJay - my little brother

Discord: Geep#0888 (I'm very active there)
I'm usually SplashStar, DanviDog, or some variation of them anywhere else
dA: https://www.deviantart.com/eagle-bird

Logo by Oni

Villagers 24

Comments 32

    • Daaaaamn! I'm kinda the same running-wise. My school cheats a lil though to get better scores for funding. We only run 15 meters *don't tell common core!*

    • Ragzoti I am pretty fast, I just don't have stamina. A guy from my gym class got 61, and he collapsed when he got done, but the school record is 114. I don't know how someone could run that long.

    • I as well. I got 54, and a little dehydration xD The nurse was so confused, bless her soul(super nice nurse)

    • Literally no other ones. I was just being dumb.

    • @PopcornSnuffler What other SplashStar do you know?

    • I only just made the connection you were the same SplashStar as on Flight Rising and The Exalt Rescuers.

    • thank you!

    • kroevolkture Don't worry, I was gone when the last person sent their FD. I will be sending everyone their tickets shortly.

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