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User ID: #52275
Username: s3nnr3nn
Gender: Male
Last Online: 5 Jun 2020, 7:46 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 1:57 pm

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My names Micheal, but you can call me Mikey, asshole, or whatever you want to call me.

I have a closed species ive made, with info here, and my art thread is here!

If you need a friend or whatever, im here for ya.
Always up for rp! Always always always!
So pm me or comment on my profile whenever!

My close friends are TimClawsYa , BubblezwithaZ , ToonLink , and Insanity_Rocket !


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    • aa I don't see any trades or anything from you;; I hope you got it sorted out!

    • Thanks for the comment on chruul!


    • I've resent the trade!

    • Sure thing! We've got an automated introductory bot that helps you understand rules and how to assign your own village role, so don't be afraid to come in and rename your nick in the server to your name and ID on FV. We gift-bomb a lot, so we often need IDs to know who to surprise. B) We'll welcome you anytime and if you ever feel it doesn't work out, we won't hold it against you. It's pretty quiet right now since it's 4 AM, but BOOM, daylight will knock your socks off, my man.

    • 253 members, friend. We've got some lurkers but we're pretty dang active!

    • Dude thankies

    • Hello! You asked a while back if I have a paintie thread. I do now! Just thought you would like to know :)


    • Daaaw lil beam

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