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Villager: Tyler


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ID: #116823

Name: Tyler

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 10 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Insanity_Rocket

Species: Fox

Color: Silver


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 19 Jul 2016, 10:38 pm

Likes: 117 ♥

Tags: fox silver blue pretty fancy jewlery insanity_rocket silver fox tyler aevios

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Tyler looks stunning!


*You turn around to see a stunning silver fox giving you a stern look. She walks right up to you and points one of her perfectly manicured claws at you* So, what do you want? *She asks, her voice was silvery and soft, yet sounded as if it could turn cold and malicious any second* I'm guessing you just met Rocket? Well, I'm Tyler. I always have to keep him straight, ugh. *She says rather disgustedly. She looks at you with a beautiful pair of blue eyes which makes your legs feel rather jellowy. You remember seeing her on the streets a long time ago and she looked nothing like this. Frowning, she suspects you want to hear about her new look* Oh, so now you're trying to get into my personal life? *She flips her beautiful, perfectly wavy hair and turns her back to you* Very well...I guess it couldn't hurt since all my friends are such knuckleheads and will probably tell everyone anyways...

Well, I was walking down the street to go buy some fashion supplies, like I do every Tuesday morning. As I was walking near the entrance of an ally, a hand grabbed me and pulled me in, shoving me against the wall. I started yelling and trying to get free, but he dug his claws into my wrists and told me to quiet down or he'd...*She skips over one part, her tail bristling* Anyways, he started insulting me, making me feel horrible...Then I started to cry and he laughed! I had no idea who this guy was, and he laughed? Eventually he let me go and I hurried away...It happened again the next week. I was sure it was only a one time thing, but ooh how I was wrong. I knew I couldn't tell Rocket, he would pummel the guy and then probably get thrown into jail...So I kept it a secret and locked myself in my work room for three straight days, trying to make myself feel better. So I made this, I recreated myself. I'm always making things for others, so why not something for me? When I went back the next week, I stood up to the guy. Well, more like I kicked him in the- *She stops, looking at your wide eyes* Ah, shins. Yea, that's right. Well, you've heard my story, so go and bother someone else. *She gives you a stunning smile before strutting out the door*

Personality- Serious, sassy, can be kind once she knows you, fashion forward

Status- Single

Roleplays- Open

(If you don't want someone to glare at you five minutes straight before actually asking what you want, I suggest you steer clear of Tyler. Some of her little quirks include that she won't eat a food that has the letter z in it and she despises umbrellas)

Paintie made by aevios
Thank you so so much!

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    • Thank you. I wield this noble sword to keep our nightmares away.
      I also must admit I like your sense of fashion.

      (Thank you! your Tyler looks amazing too!)

    • Thanks! And yeah, I love to roleplay. :D

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