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User ID: #14517
Username: Irefe
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 May 2020, 3:30 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:46 pm

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Hello! I am Irefe and I go by the same name on most sites. You can find me on Windrose (#80), FlightRising (Irefe) and Aywas (#682) most prominently. Still learning the ropes here, but feel free to message me for any reason!

Just so everyone knows, I don't generally reply to pet comments unless they're asking a direct question. But I appreciate every one of them, thank you!

Note to staff: My sister, Niviee (#48993) and I share an IP address. We likely will exchange and trade goods back and fourth, but we will never empty one account into the other. Thank you for understanding!

-Pirate Cat (Antondra, Explorer)
-Mythic Dragon (Senn, Doctor)
-Angelic Rabbit (Persayu, Warrior)
-Mythic Horse (Estal, Tailor/Crafter)
-Scorcerer Fox (Amaterasu, Animal Husbandry)
-Steampunk Fox (Litalo, Blacksmith)
-Royal Cat (Sulvor, Warrior)
-Fairy Cat (Serdra, Warrior)

-Galaxy Dragon (Tasuni, Blacksmith)
-Mythic Wolf (Shiran, Herbalist)

Breeding Pairs of all the pets from the following sections:
Quetzal Palace [] Missing M draggy & M Peep.
Old Foxbury [] Missing SRs.
Dragonsmaw Manor [] Missing M Witchy and Catbats.
Tigereye Peak [] Missing SRs.
Oceandome [] Missing all but Pearls.
Furdollar Emporium [] Missing all but Flitten.
Referral Rewards [] Missing all but Hummingbirds & Cubs.

"She always did what she wanted."

Villagers 27

Comments 3

    • If your ever selling any of these painties, could you let me know? This is just an inquiry.

    • So many gorgeous painties o:

    • Hey there strange question! I am new here and I didn't see the dutch angel dragon as a villager I could make? Is it only a paintie that goes over a dragon?

      Thank you! :D Yours are lovely!

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