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Username: Kijame
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:07 pm

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My Beta experience can be summed up in the following two gifs:
☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ About Kijame ☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆
- FV time +7 hours
- English is not my first language (I'm fluent but sometimes still don't catch subtleties or jokes, bear with me)
- open-minded, but blunt at times (being direct and honest is the best way to deal with things imo)
- quite talkative, if walls of text aren't your thing, remind me if I type too much XD
- not easily offended; I don't usually block people,, because I believe in agreeing to disagree and second chances and talking things over like mature adults should (plus it's easy to get misunderstood online (especially as non-native English speaker))
- not actually a furry (and neither are most my OCs) but I love the art here and treat FV as sort of AU plotwise
- always eager to learn! If I ask you about a word on your profile etc, it's not sarcasm or trolling, but rather genuine curiosity - I want your definition on the word so I know how you understand and use it (rather than googling a generic description that you might not feel proper or applicable)

If you want some cute animals cheering you up/on, clicky here~
Soft'n'cute shit like that always lifts my spirit at least <3

☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ Goals & Projects ☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆

Villager profiles WIP 12/∞

Oceandome Goals coming soon! First we'll do a quick pit-stop in QP for more breeding potions. Well, right after our newest AHs are caught up on TEP mastery, haha.

☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ Tourism & Commerce ☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆

The village of Ryû has been visited by the following Fairies (and others):
Guardian Fairy (9 Aug 2016)
a nameless Fairy (9 Aug 2016)
Jack-o-Lantern Ghost (3 Oct 2016)
9rizc1.jpg Celestial Ghost (3 Oct 2016)
Kitsune Fairy (31 Oct 2016)
Spoopy Scary Skeleton (31 Oct 2016)

I'm always open to swapping pets, seeds, items, and gear materials with other villages! See my Shops & Services for details on trades as well as services my villagers can provide ^__^ More interested in animals? Check Animal Husbandry to learn more!

Swapping Feathered Helms < click for details

☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ Who is ... ? ☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆
168-3-beast-th.pngWelcome to the village of Ryû! Let me introduce you to everyone!
☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ Ryû
168-3-beast-th.png Kijame Oh hey, that's me! I'm the head warrior and do some construction on the side.
172-3-mythic-th.png Lokeni Our head herbalist, and training to be a doctor as well. She's like my little sister.
15582-th.png?t=1470335179 Chrona Our head alchemist, and an explorer second to none. Don't mind him vanishing.
18901-th.png?t=1472258178 Shirovita Our head doctor, and a darn good one at that! He sometimes poofs to explore.
160-1-diver-th.png Tenjou Our head blacksmith who also spends time as warrior and crafter.
24-9-peregrine-falcon-th.png Hayabusa Our head animal breeder. He often explores at his leisure.
21311-th.png?t=1475522197 Mu'Un A fine warrior. Although fighting is her forte, she also tends to animals.
20634-th.png?t=1474236904 Sebastian Our head tailor with a knack for construction and fighting.
172-5-mythic-th.png Roxanne A fine herbalist and animal tender. She's generally pretty quiet.
165-2-steampunk-th.png Kyûbei A fine blacksmith who also dabbles in construction. Beware his pranks though!
161-2-angelic-th.png Touya A fine warrior with incredible healing powers that he seeks to make use of as doctor.
163-6-galaxy-th.png Cecilia A fine alchemist. Lately she's taken an interest in blacksmithing.
159-1-pirate-th.png Ina Our head crafter and a fine animal breeder. Don't mind the whole floating and being dead part.
167-5-reaper-th.png Claude A fine doctor. Well, okay, some would rather say 'creepy' than 'fine'.
171-4-sorcerer-th.png Karura A fine tailor. She gets easily distracted during her explorations though.
158-3-aquatic-th.png Mini-Ryû A fine animal breeder. He's the embodiment of our village's vitality.

☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚☆ Other Storylines
186-30-okapi-th.png Ken A wandering warrior. I'm not sure if he intends to stay...
125-22-jungle-th.png Hapu A wandering animal breeder. That sounds like an odd thing to be though...
163-21-th.png Naga A wanderering alchemist, At least I think so, but I'm not entirely sure...
182-29-midnight-th.png ??? If you meet anyone I haven't introduced you to yet, stay away. It might be HIM.
158-1-aquatic-th.png Neo Star-crossed lover of Verona.
162-4-fairy-th.png Verona Star-crossed lover of Neo.
159-4-pirate-th.png Nekoin Karura's mate.
164-5-warrior-th.png Tybalt Mireille's twin brother.
166-5-royal-th.png Mireille Tybalt's twin sister.
168-4-beast-th.png Shikuroi A tamed Youma that still has a wild side.
167-4-reaper-th.png Kushiro A feral Youma and Shikuroi's mate.
163-1-galaxy-th.png Ooki A divine canine and Koga's mate.
168-1-beast-th.png Koga A wolf demon and Ooki's mate.
165-1-steampunk-th.png Hayate Son of Ooki and Koga.
161-1-angelic-th.png Hikari Daughter of Ooki and Koga.
29102-th.png?t=1488406040 Cana A wandering reaper that doesn't look the part.
163-3-galaxy-th.png Zan Cana's sword spirit.
161-4-angelic-th.png Metatron Voice of the Creator and tutor to Maria and Mortis.
161-3-angelic-th.png Maria A mortal that used to be a Seraphim.
169-3-spooky-th.png Mortis A once fallen Seraphim reborn as Nephilim.
165-3-steampunk-th.png Leysieffer The Morning Star reborn as half mortal, half demon.
164-3-th.png Rin Maria's spouse.
170-3-fluffy-th.png Yuki (As of yet) unborn child of Maria and Rin. Appears to be plain mortal.
172-1-mythic-th.png Eclipse Ooki's adoptive son and Luna's older brother. Always itching for battle.
171-1-sorcerer-th.png Luna Ooki's adoptive daughter and Eclipse's younger sister. Loves learning about herbs.
172-2-mythic-th.png Ryûko Kyûbei's mother.
158-4-th.png Shandia A daydreaming native that wishes for peace.
172-4-mythic-th.png Kogou Shandia's Guardian. He possesses raw physical power and can spit fire.
170-2-fluffy-th.png Shouhei Shandia's Guardian. He possesses extreme agility and manipulates wind and ice.
171-5-sorcerer-th.png Ryûkirin A summoner and Shandia's mother.
162-1-fairy-th.png Esmeralda A wandering dancer who performs in exchange for a meal and a bed.
169-1-spooky-th.png Saint A wandering priest who is skilled at exorcising demons.
160-4-th.png Evvl An android that is Tenjou's counterpart.
167-2-th.png Ethanol Law enforcement by day, assassin by night.
169-2-th.png Anul Ethanol's companion and tracker. No prey escapes his nose.
167-3-th.png Suzaku A suave information broker. A bit shady at times, but always true to her creed.
164-1-th.png Sylva Ina's companion. Also a ghost.
170-10-th.png Evol Ooki's childhood love and later mate. Member of a nomadic demon tribe. Deceased.
171-2-sorcerer-th.png Leoto Son of Evol and Ooki. Timid and following his mother's footsteps. Deceased.
164-4-warrior-th.png Kanaan Daughter of Evol and Ooki. Adventurous; wants to be a warrior like her father. Deceased.
171-3-sorcerer-th.png Tethe Personified life-force of a foreign world. Lives at the planet's core.
162-5-fairy-th.png Gaia The embodiment of the spirt of nature. May change shapes into animals.
162-25-th.png Ophelia A mysterious, but benevolent entity.
169-5-spooky-th.png Lilly A spirit of vengeance. Has a connection to Justine.
163-5-galaxy-th.png Justine A young upstart in the bureau of justice. Has a connection to Lilly.
170-27-th.png Escalus Appears to have ties to Ophelia.
161-7-th.png Ygg A young warrior with much potential.
161-25-th.png ??? Ophelia's counterpart.
163-25-th.png Kimihiko Landlady to a crazy bunch of monsters who tend to end up falling for her.
172-6-mythic-th.png Mahiro [A student who found her destiny in the midst of her first real vacation.
164-6-warrior-th.png Melchiorre Oldest prince and brother of six. A real ladies' man outward but a soft knight on the inside.
166-6-royal-th.png Lambert Second son and prince who is fit to become king. Appears cold and stern, but does care.
159-6-pirate-th.png Alvah Third son and prince with seemingly endless energy to burn. Always looking for adventure.
169-6-spooky-th.png Jun Fourth prince and brother, and often considered a schemer. He does have his reasons...
171-6-sorcerer-th.png Chezem Fifth prince and brother with a fondness for books. Loves putting his knowledge to the test.
170-6-fluffy-th.png Nagito Youngest prince and brother, he often feels belittled. Far more capable than given credit for.

~Please note that some of my characters may have received edits in personality, ability or history to fit with Furvilla lore and style, as it were. All villagers with painties have credit on their profiles.~

dragonsmaw-manor.png Goals before moving: ALL DONE!
- 5/2 Catbat collected404-brown-catbat.png - 5/2 Witchy collected432-black-witchy.png
- 5/5 Dark Slime Helmet229-black-slime-helmet.png - 4678/4300 Toothy Token 233-toothy-token.png
- 7/6 Reaper Costume68-reaper-costume.png - 7/6 Beast Costume69-beast-costume.png - 7/6 Spooky Costume70-spooky-costume.png
Date started: tbh I'm not sure when I set these goals XD
Date finished: Aug 23; did make one extra costume each with the extra tokens earned.
Will we return to DMM? Time will tell...

quetzal-palace.png Goals before moving: ALL DONE!
- 6/2 Draggy collected336-red-draggy.png - 5/2 Peep collected348-white-peep.png
- 5/5 Cloud Helmet149-cloud-helmet.png - 4882/4300 Sky Coin 153-sky-coin.png
- 8/6 Angelic Costume62-angelic-costume.png - 7/6 Fairy Costume63-fairy-costume.png - 7/6 Galaxy Costume64-galaxy-costume.png
Date started: Aug 27th
Date finished: Sep 30th
Made one extra costume each and gathered some extra breeding herbs~ Will definitely come back for Breeding Potions.

tigereye-peak.png Goals before moving: ALL DONE!
- 7/2 Whale collected476-beluga-whale.png - 4/2 Monkee collected464-winter-monkee.png
- 5/5 Frozen Helmet270-frozen-helmet.png - 4702/4300 Frosted Token274-frosted-token.png
- 7/6 Fluffy Costume71-fluffy-costume.png - 7/6 Sorcerer Costume73-sorcerer-costume.png - 7/6 Mythic Costume72-mythic-costume.png
Date started: Oct 7th
Had to take a bit of a break and was slowed down considerably (compared to previous villages) due to bullshit updates. No, I won't be leaving FV but... I feel rather unenthusiastic about things right atm.
Date finished: Nov 24th

olde-foxbury.png Goals before moving: ALL DONE!
- 5/2 Kirin collected384-tiger-kirin.png - 5/2 Serpent collected392-green-serpent.png
- 5/5 Bone Helmet189-bone-helmet.png - 4842/4300 Sun Coin193-sun-coin.png
- 6/6 Warrior Costume65-warrior-costume.png - 6/6 Steampunk Costume66-steampunk-costume.png - 6/6 Royal Costume67-royal-costume.png
Date started: Dec 2nd
Update Jan 17 So this is taking fucking forever because I can't find patternbooks and blacksmith recipes in stock like, ever. Got me 1k suncoins waiting to be turned into helmets but the smiths who still need to make them for the cheevo can't learn to make them. Rip. :/
Update Jan 25 So we're doing an extra long sidequest by letting literally every AH we have master ALL the Foxbury pets and if letting 40+ AHs master 8 (excluding SRs) is faster than finding 3 of each recipe/book, then yes, even more proof how fucked this restock system is lol.
Update Feb 9/10 Whale oil beef hooked, we did it. SRs nonwithstanding, all our AHs mastered OFB pets. Who'da thunk? We'll be headed to TEP to stock up on TEP mats for bit (because new fluffy costumes whee).
Update Feb 19 A really awesome person has traded a Bone Helmet Schema! So even though we're in TEP atm, we can finish our final goal! Hooray!
As usual we have gathered enough materials for making more costumes but I decided against that for now XD
Date finished: Feb 19th

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Comments 574

    • You have such a unique village and story to it. ^^

    • Your page is imprestive and love how you have all your characters so detailed. I am some what getting a an idea of what I want.. Its been so long since I have been on furvilla so having to re learn stuff. Just wanted to say " Hello"

    • Your characters are so detailed. Your page and characters are really beautiful

    • You've been to every village for a quest for items apart from Oceaodome, do you plan to go there

    • Well, you clearly have it figured out !!! It's pretty impressive what you've been able to do with your Warriors. You have a freaking dynasty over there !!!!! I haven't quite found my niche yet. I didn't think I enjoyed AH at all, and then the Gala came and I actually liked it... I may pursue it come more after this contest. In fact, I've stocked Toblerone with some sweet high durability stables and may have him give it a go once I'm done stuffing his snout :)

    • Thank you for stopping to visit!! I have admired your dedicated crew of Warriors on QP Warrior leaderboard for some time :) Biscuit Jumper, who is hovering around the bottom of the board, lives here with Toblerone:)

    • No not really xD I don't even know what that is, I had to Google it xP

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