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User ID: #54418
Username: Ziraous
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Apr 2022, 12:22 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 7:03 pm

Profile description

Well, I am not a furry, however I love animals and this site just seems so nice and welcoming. I'm mainly here because some of my friends are here. I adore painties & Artwork!

Bought both my Dream Item & Dream Mini Pet!!

I do roleplay, but I am a bit picky on who I roleplay with.

I love Deer, Dragons, and Butterflies! ^^

My avatar was comissioned. I do not claim the art, but it is mine. Please do not steal. <3
It's Eevee & I. <3

About Me:
Name: Zira/Domi
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Interests: Video Games, Books, MLP, Dr Who, Pokemon, many more things.
Hobbies: Making Crafts, aquiring artwork of my OCs.
Status: Taken by a wonderful man! My Gargoyle. <3

I'm straight. No offense, but please respect that. I respect everyone for who they are and I do not change them so please do not change me. Thank yous. <3

Sites I am on - (All as Ziraous)
Flight Rising (Not very active)
Chicken Smoothie (Semi-active)
Gaia Online (Active)

Mobile Games - (Ziraous again or FB log-ins)
Pokemon Go (Active - Tem Mystic)
LINE Tsum Tsum (Active)
Flutter (Active only during events)
Splash (Active)
Flutter: Starlight (Active)
Summoner's War (Active)

Chances are if you have seen the username Ziraous, it is 100% me.
I also go by Domkore, Domivee, dommymew, and zdbutterfly.

Still working on the profile.

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    • Hai! I saw your ping but it was pages away. So I'm just saying 'hello' here. <3

    • Thanks for the compliment on Aizeiah's profile <3 I love your profile, though the background looks like my kitty litter with a gradient thrown over it, lmao.

    • Maybe. Rocket is currently crushing, though the user roleplaying his crushee is currently not really roleplaying. Leia is pretty though

    • Rocket blushes. "Thank you very much!"
      (I love Amelia, Leia, Kala, Lani, and Shaylee so much. Rocket thinks they are cute too)

    • Heya! Yes :D It took 3 days but she got accepted. I hope she looks ok, It was a challenge to work with the base and edits ^^'

    • I wonder how long beta will take? I don't know if they'll have registration again until it's over.

      So, she really likes penguins eh? My sister-in-law is the same and I always think of her whenever I see penguins. lol

    • I"m still lovin' it. ^_^ And you?

    • Thanks! By the way, notifications in your css are very hard to read, should look into that x3

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